Before you do anything else horse related (or people related, for that matter…) –


You will learn something profound.  I am sure of it.

That’s it.  That’s all I have to say.

Go see the movie “Buck”.

That’s it.

Go now.






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  1. Rachel

    I agree with RiderWriter, I too wanted to strangle the stallion owner, but I thought for a documentary it was well done and interesting. Definitely worth seeing for any horse lover!

  2. Miss Jan

    Remember when Robert Redford made The Horse Whisperer supposedly using advice from Buck? I can tell you – I found movie alternately stupid and horrible. Redford may think knows his stuff about horses. Maybe by now, he really does. But I sat through the Horse Whisperer movie completely outraged and disgusted and am not likely to be willing to pay good money to sit through another Redford attempt to convince the indie film world that he knows anything significant about horses. I do recall that there was some sort of disconnect with that movie, that Buck did not really give Redford much if any advice but sort of lent his name to the project; also the author of the underlying book had a lot to answer for, none of it good. So all in all – maybe if one of my riding students whose judgment I trust likes it I’ll go see it. Not holding out much hope, though!

  3. RiderWriter

    I saw it two weeks ago… aside from wanting to strangle the stallion owner with MY BARE HANDS – WHAT AN IDIOT, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am not a huge proponent of NH, nor do I think ANY horse should be ridden at age 2, but if I absolutely had to hire one of the practitioners, Buck would be my man, for sure. He is an admirable man if only for having overcome that horrendous early childhood.

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