I think I told you that Hubby brought home a crazy puppy to foster.

Well, he’s not crazy, he’s just being his breed.  But his breed is crazy – unless there is work to be done.  But if there isn’t a wayward flock spread out over hill and dale, dogs like this go mad.

We don’t have a flock.

Instead, I have a bonkers dog that I try to entertain while I’m doing all the other things on my list – and trying to potty train him at the same time.

Potty training is a whole different story – the concept evades him.  When we go outside and he does his duty, I praise him… and I swear he looks at me and says, “Wha?  All I did was pee.”

Anyway, today I had to get the house all gussied up because we have AirBnB guests this weekend.  (The last guest visit went very well.)  So, I put Little CrayCray in my office with a few of Scoutypant’s stuffed animals….

Little Crazy Dog - that's his Indian Name.

Little Crazy Dog – that’s his Indian Name.

He wasn't sure about the water but he WANTED the banana.

He wasn’t sure about the water but he WANTED the banana.

We took him to a pool party last weekend... he was so frenetic about the floating banana toys that he cleared the pool...

We took him to a pool party last weekend… he was so frenetic about the floating banana toys that he cleared the pool…


After about only an hour,  I returned to do some potty training – I found these three piles.


Here we have the paper towel roll that I had waiting to go into the kitchen (I had left it on a bench within his reach.). We have a stuffed dog that is now missing his eyes. And, sadly, Hubby’s hat, which I’m sure smelled divine, bit the dust.


Here we have the matches that I use when making jewelry… Little CC was playing with fire.


Here we have a dead stuffed bear. He is also missing his eyes, nose and back of his head. The innerds were all over my office.


The thing is, even though we had to get him a bark collar because, well, he barks all. the . time… and even though he can no longer be in the back yard because he cut a track in the lawn from running back and forth along the fenceline – trying to herd the horses – which was after Hubby put up the electric fence to keep him from lofting it… and the accidents, chewed things and never ever ever ending energy…

Still, he is very cute.  Here he is in my lap in my chair at my desk.

Here he is, looking adorable in my lap at my desk.

Here he is, looking adorable in my lap at my desk.

MUSHER’S SECRET – for his cracked paws.

Another part of him is that he’s a redhead.  With that comes sunburns and split paws.  Since he runs constantly, he wears his feet raw.  Hubby and I were at wits end on what to do for his horrible split pads (I used all of my horse remedies)… and then he came upon MUSHER’S SECRET.

It worked!

So, I’m passing this on to anyone who has a dog who suffers from splitting pads.  It isn’t expensive, it works, and you can get it many places on the internet.


HAVE A GREAT FRIDAY! – I will let you know how the 2nd AirBnB foray goes this weekend!


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  1. dawndi Post author

    I know he isn’t crazy – I know it is the breed and that he needs a job, which is what
    I wrote. He needs a flock. Hubby has a lot of work cut out for him… ;)

  2. Kitty Bo Wilson

    You need a crate for him, one he can’t destroy, and I highly recommend agility training. And yes, hubby can get in on that when he comes home. Have you had him vetted? Really, his breed isn’t necessarily “crazy.” Dogs can have brain chemistry imbalances like humans. You might look into the book Animal Madness by Laurel Braitman. It’s on Amazon. Good luck!

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