Champ’s Day in Court Postponed… How about some ‘After’ pictures instead! And, more reasons Why ALAQUA Is Our Bucket Fund Charity for MAY!

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So, today was supposed to be Champ’s day in court.  But, it didn’t happen.  It seems that the lawyers needed more depositions and asked for more time (I don’t know the new court date yet…).   If you missed Champ’s story, it is linked here.


Big, heavy SIGH.




Champ couldn’t have been closer to death.  Alaqua rescued him and nurtured him around the clock to bring him from the brink and then help him back to life.  Under Alaqua’s care, Champ went safely from 70+ lbs to a perfect 250lbs!  The change is remarkable.

And the best part… Alaqua continues to fight for him.  They will do everything in their power to not let Champ go back to his previous owner!


This was Champ on the day of his rescue, Aug 20, 2010.


Day 1



Champ now. (photo credit:


Wow. Amazing what food will do. (photo credit:

Another photo captured this week of Champ! (photo credit:



Remember the awful trailer accident a few weeks ago where 3 polo ponies and one warmblood lost their lives? (If you missed it, it is linked here)

Well, Alaqua’s vets and techs were at the scene to unmangle the tragic situation in the back of the trailer. After pulling deceased horses off of both GQ and Utah, they managed to get these terrified and shocked horses into a trailer and back to the Rescue.

Alaqua nursed the geldings and watched them like eggs to make sure there were no internal injuries.  After a few weeks of constant attention and reassurance, both Utah and GQ are going to make a full recovery.

AND, ALAQUA DOESN’T EVEN OWN THESE HORSES!  Utah and GQ are someone’s dressage horses!

The trailer accident. 4 horses lost.


GQ as he arrived

Utah's arrival

A healthy, full of himself, Utah. (photo credit:

GQ now. (photo credit:

4 horses died in that crash, but these 2 will live. (Utah, GQ)(photo credit:



OK, this story is new…

Alaqua heard about horses running free (were dumped) in the woods near the Rescue. (People often dump animals over Alaqua’s fences at night or let animals loose nearby…).

Anyway, Alaqua was able to catch two mares who they named Rose and Gypsy.  Rose was clearly very pregnant.

As expected, a few weeks later, Rose had a colt who they named, JR.

All was wonderful until…


A healthy baby JR!



Laurie Hood, the Director of Alaqua, noticed that Rose was suddenly not doing well.  After several in-depth tests, the vets discovered that her liver was very compromised.  Evidently, while she was running in the woods, Rose ate something she shouldn’t have.  Within 48 hours, she passed.  Her liver shut down.  That was it.

Little JR had no mother.

Alaqua jumped into action to find a nurse mare, milk, milk replacer… you name it.


JR and his Mamma Rose... before the tragedy.

But, it gets worse…

After Rose was buried, Gypsy started exhibiting the same symptoms as Rose.  Everyone raced against the clock, trying not to think the inevitable.  They did everything they could to help her.  Obviously, they were familiar with what to do.  And sadly, her tests showed the same results.

As of right now, Gypsy is still alive.  She is up and down but Alaqua has not given up…



Little JR started exhibiting the same symptoms as Rose and Gypsy.

OMG.  Laurie was devastated.  They pumped all the good stuff into him and held him non-stop for days – literally.  Alaqua has round the clock volunteers and techs to keep little JR going and give him all the support possible.


Round the clock attention for tiny JR


JR seems to be doing a bit better!  He is standing and playing a bit.  He is eating every hour!  Everyone feels he is beyond the ‘crash’ and hopefully he will improve without any liver damage.  The vets feel JR has a better chance of survival than his dam.

JR is getting better!



I could go on and on about Alaqua – and I will in another post – but I wanted you to know one very astounding thing about Laurie Hood…

Laurie took it upon herself to change the animal welfare laws in her community and to educate the police, officials, county employees … everyone who could or would ever be involved in an Animal Cruelty case.

Laurie actually went to the State Attorney’s office and asked, directly, what she needed to do to stiffen the laws in favor of animal rights.

The State’s office said that the laws were fine but the intake, procurement of evidence and court procedures were not properly executed by most of the parties involved with these dockets.  Therefore, most animal cruelty cases were thrown out of court.

So, she alone, created a course and invited all the parties who would ever be involved in animal cruelty cases to attend her class.

130 people attended her class!  ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY officials from several counties took her class!  She stepped up to make a difference for the animals in her county and surrounding counties.  Wow.

How many of us would go that far?  Honestly.

Laurie and Alaqua did.  And it was a huge endeavor.

They did it all for Champ.  When Champ’s case was initially thrown out of court, Laurie was incensed and decided to find out why and make a difference.

And, she did.

For Laurie’s temerity, her strength and all of her acts of kindness, please continue to help Alaqua, Our Drop in the Bucket Fund charity for May.  I thank you in advance.

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Thank you!

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