I’m feeling a bit under the weather so I’m resurrecting a post from 2 years ago – exactly –  on Mothers’ Day.

Although I no longer breed, I so miss the babies…

And, I miss the broodmares – they are truly amazing.  Not only do they protect the herd and keep everyone in line, but they pass on their individual and unique skills to their babies…

My Tess, for example, taught all of her babies to potty in one spot.  Sam taught her baby how to ‘circle the wagons’ during an invasion.

But what was most fun for me was the ‘surprise’ inside aspect of horse incubation… I loved the anticipation of what gender and color would enter the world.  In fact, when I rescued Sam who was 10 months pregnant, I had no information about her or the stud.  So, the baby was a total Grab Bag Surprise.  I loved that!

For me, looking at the baby and seeing which traits came through and from which parent is very exciting to me.

I should have been a geneticist.

Anyway, I grabbed several pics off the web to celebrate the broodmares this Mother’s Day.  I hope you all have a great day!













Alert baby!


i love this one!




Surprise color!




Look at those back legs!

Talented baby!


Love color!


Great shot!




Love this!


Pretty pair


Protective mother… sweaty baby




Great profile


They ahve almost opposite coloring


Gotta love the Shetlands!







Love the color!


Are we interrupting something?…




Another newbie


Great braids! Someone loves the broodmare!


This is my Sam and her Mini-Me on their first day outside!


love this


I love the manes


I think that is a colt


Love the colors!


Great faces!


This is my Tess with her Ava…




I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did gathering the photos!  Have a great day!


Sweet Aria our May Bucket Fund.  THAT LEG IS FIXABLE!  Click image to learn more!

Sweet Aria our May Bucket Fund. THAT LEG IS FIXABLE! Click image to learn more!

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  1. rosedel

    I know that Sam is your “love me from a distance” girl. Did she let you love on her baby?

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