Dr. Kris was out at the Houston Humane Society last Friday and took some photos.

Always a great way to start the week!

This is 527. She was very skinny, coliced 4 times after intake and was pregnant in the first photo (it is tough to see how skinny she is because of her dark coat) – there was no fat on her.  That belly is a due baby.  Two weeks later, she gave birth – and now has a grass belly, is filling out and her feet are balanced.

This is 538. Look at his feet before! He has had several trims in these last 6 weeks. Now he walks well and is gaining weight! He has also been gelded.
From Dr. Kris: This is the little guy that was so filthy with the horrifically curled feet in the beginning. His teeth also were a huge mess, and just got those done yesterday

Who can forget this little stud… with his back feet curled backwards…
From Dr Kris: This is my little hell child. Castration has settled him down some. He’s starting to drop the heel of that right hind that was curled under.

This is 541, the desperately skinny and colicky mare. She is seen in the back of the new photo where I have the arrow. She is coming along and gaining weight.
From Dr. Kris: Her feet look great, her teeth have been floated and now she is comfortable and eats. Now let’s see if she carries the baby to full term.

This is 546. She was the most thin of all… From Dr. Kris: This is my little skeletal mare that nearly died. Packing on the pounds nicely!


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