AirBnBARN! If you had to travel with your horse, would you rather stay at the Fairgrounds with the horse? Or bring the horse back to a nice AirBnBarn with you…?

As I’ve been looking at properties in the Paso Robles area, an idea hit me… and I wondered if it was a good one?

First of all, have you heard of the concept of the AirBnB?  It means booking on the Internet (air) beds for the night.  You can check out the area you wish to visit, and instead of staying at a hotel, you can find accommodations that are privately owned – and generally less expensive than local hotels.  And, there are options… maybe you only need a bedroom in a house.  Maybe you’d like to rent an entire home for the weekend with your family…

At first when I initially heard of the AirBnB, I thought it unappealing because who would want to stay in someone else’s house?… I mean, what if the people were creepy or stole from you.  BUT, I was wrong.  The company who started it has already thought of all of that and hosts have to go through a vetting process.  ;)

Since I originally heard of AirBnB, we have used the service many times and have been exceedingly happy.  The key is to read the reviews first, before you decide if you’d like to stay.  Hubby booked only AirBnBs when he took his daughters to Europe this summer.   This was the only way he could afford it, and it turned out wonderfully!

Anyway, I was thinking about AirBnB as a way to potentially afford a house that we are afraid we cannot afford when an idea struck me.

This is the website for AirBnB. Click to go.

This is the website for AirBnB. Click to go.

THE IDEA:  AirBnBarn.

OK, so here is my idea…

What if I opened an AirBnB in my new house (that we don’t have yet) and also offered stalls/turnout for your horse(s)?

You see, the area we are looking (besides being a wine tasting town) is a Rodeo/Show horse arena town.    And, there are a few (large) riding ranches nearby.

So, I was thinking, since I don’t use my stalls often (only when someone is sick or if the weather is awful), but I love having horses in the barn – and I know a few things about cushy stalls and bedding – I thought I’d offer my barn to the cowboys or show families.

I cannot tell you how often I’ve heard of show families wishing they had a place where the whole family could stay and cook… and save money.

Also, I would travel with my horse to other areas to ride, if I didn’t have to camp.  Even Glamping isn’t my thing anymore.  I like a hot shower.


Having shown horses for many years, I do know that most show horses stay on the show grounds with their trainers.

And, I know that many show ladies have living quarters trailers so they can stay with their horses.  Also, I know that many people want to stay on the fairgrounds with their horses.

But, the cowboys and independent show kids might like to have another option.   I thought the cowboys might like to share a house, make food, relax at night and save money.  They could rest and water their horses without fear of whatever diseases/viruses might be in the Fairground stalls.

Or, sometimes families can only afford to bring down one parent to watch a kid perform because hotels and food are so expensive.

But, if you could house your entire family, cook and rest in an AirBnBarn – with your horse resting just outside in a safe and comfy turnout – would that be better?  What if I also offered a nice kennel for your dog?

So that’s my idea.  To add the animal component to the AirBnB.


Your thoughts?


Do you agree or disagree?  Why?  I’d love to hear your insights!

Please comment or  email me!  your thoughts on this!



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  1. Michelle

    Hi ya all ! If you are interested in my Equine AirBnB feel free to contact me at 805-746-1911….We are located in California off interstate 5 between Bakersfield & Santa Clarita, about 10 mile West of the fwy at the Base of Mt. Pinos in Beautiful Cuddy Valley zip code 93225

  2. Michelle Walker

    I have just created an equestrian air bnb 10 miles off interstate 5 fwy southern California at the base of Mt Pinos w 3 stables/ corals, large exersice arena Panoramic views, hundreds of miles of trail riding, RV hook ups. Great place to rest your wings while traveling or a weekend get away to explore new trails. Come enjoy Mountain knights Ranch

  3. dawndi Post author

    We didn’t do it because of the slope of our front field. Could have been a liability for certain horses and trailers.
    If you build yours, I will write about it here. Just take good pics along the way!

  4. Robert DesLauriers

    So how did it all work out? I am thinking of doing the same thing with the horse farm I just bought next door. House, sables, indoor arena and 23 acres. Thanks Rob in Michigan

  5. Anita Aveline

    We offer it in the UK. up to 14 indoor Monarch Stable for three sizes biggest is 16 x 14. We allow use of arena, grazing if required, and they can park up and livin in the lorrys. We have washing machine and dryer for a small extra price. We are in South Yorkshire. UK
    We are next to a jumping arena, where they do shows and clinics with M Whitica.


    We’v been toying with that idea for some time now. Our pasture is near Hwy 20, the north cross state route from Puget Sound over the pass, through North Cascades National Park, and into eastern Washington. We have divided 30 acres with simple, 3-sided shelters, but really good fences and gates (and NO barbed wire), grazing, or not, water, good camping site with outhouse, or we’ve been thinking of hauling our Silverstream trailer up there for overnights. We can provide good quality local hay, too (we are hay farmers). If we figure it all out, we could be open as soon as next spring (May 2017) when the pass reopens for the season. And/or our neighbor at the ranch has an 8 stall barn with paddocks and MAY be interested in doing this, too. Also places for campers to park.

  7. MARY


    Hope they accept and can’t wait to “read all about it!”

  8. Jennifer Knapp

    I don’t have horses but think this is a really cool idea!

  9. dawndi Post author

    If our offer is accepted, the house has a separate wing with 3 bedrooms, kitchen and living area!

  10. Nicole

    Fabulous idea Dawn!
    I would stay at your AirBnB any day!
    Would people stay in your house or in their trailer next to your barn?
    Wish I would have thought of that when I still lived on my old property.
    We had a cottage on the property … that would’ve been perfect.

  11. Mitilda

    I stayed in horse bed and breakfasts when hauling from Texas to Colorado. Same principle. Only one wasn’t good-barbed wire fence and a high strung Arab mare weren’t a good combo. Everyone else was good. I would consider it if I was showing on a budget.

  12. Maria Glenn

    What a brilliant idea!
    I’d love to do that when I finalise my new home here in Spain. I will have 9 stables that are barely used and a guest lodge.

    That would mean increased income and meeting some new friends at the same time.

    Best of luck with it!

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