A Few Videos to Brighten your Friday!

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I don’t usually post videos because people don’t usually have time to watch them.

But, it is Friday… people always needs some smiles to begin their weekends… so I decided to list three videos that made me smile this week.

1)  Horse who Saved Owner:

I loved this one because I have seen this happen around my own ranch.  Some horses are ‘helpers’.  I know that Finn has been extra protective of me since he saw me get whacked with the bull snap on Superbowl Sunday (story here).  He actually pushes all other horses away from me if I walk in his pasture.  He’s like a bodyguard now!  Finn never did that before.

Anyway, here is the first video about a mare who saved her disabled owner from being stuck in the mud, alone.

Click to go to page with story and video


2)   Talking Dog (not cheezy):

I cannot resist a talking dog when it is done well.  And, the guy who creates these is a master!  He finds a piece of video with potential, thinks up the scene and what the dog might be saying, and then executes it with perfection.  I love his stuff.  And, this newest one is GREAT!


OMG. This is the best! Click image to watch video.


3)  Dogs eating in a restaurant:

OK, this video is a bit long but there are wonderful tidbits throughout!  I cannot imagine how much time it took to train the dogs and also design the whole scenario.

Obviously, there is no sound except what they have laid over the video, so I am sure the people under the table were speaking to each other and giving direction.  But still, how did they rehearse?  Did they do this in front of a mirror for a week or so?

Anyway, I giggled throughout.  I definitely got a feeling of ‘personality’ from both dogs!  Well done!


Very clever! Click image to watch the Doggie Diners



4)  I just couldn’t resist adding this PhoBlog Photo.  Another Groomer Contest Dog!




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Linda Horn

    Brownie is a hero! Animals who come to the rescue of humans or other animals – often risking their own lives – are amazing.

    BTW, I read a recent study on empathy of hens (of all things!) for their chicks. I started poking around for other examples of both empathy and sympathy in animals toward other animals and humans. Very interesting results.

    The dog videos are a “howl”. IMO, wierd grooming not so much. That poor dog looks embarassed! I wonder how long it takes until the dyes wear off and they’re back to normal.

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