She’s 95. Her horse is 27.

This story is perfect for starting your week!  Ginny Wegener, the woman featured in the below FB page entry,  is 95.  Her horse, Solveig, is 27.

Note to self:  I’m going to quit being upset about how fast time flies… there is always time to do what you love.   Just go ride!

All photos from ORY PHOTOGRAPHY.

(From Ory Photography FB page)

“What an honor, to not only be able to witness this, but to photograph it as well. Ginny Wegener, at 95 years old, along with Fjord, Solveig (27 years old), completed her THIRD Century Ride, with the Arkansas Valley Dressage Association, in Florence, CO, yesterday! She is such an inspiration!”

October Bucket Fund:  SKINNY, 24 year-old mustang mare and her new baby, plus 4 orphaned mustang foals – all from last week’s roundups – rescued! At least we can help a few of the hundreds now separated from their families and in holding pens.

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  1. Calvin48

    She looks so tiny or that must be the largest N.F. on the planet! I’m impressed with how well she can keep her heels down.

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