My horse eats oranges off of the tree!

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 | Filed under Dalton

So I was walking Dalton around to get some fresh, green grass and …  he grabbed an orange off of the tree!  And then he went after another!…

My photo journal.

We were walking along and he swooped in and grabbed an orange that was on the tree.

He picked it right off of the tree!

He went in for another, and I held it so it wouldn’t fall on the ground.

He slurpy ate it all, the whole thing.

It sounded so good, I picked a few … plus a grapefruit

And using my handy device…

I made this YUMMY glass of fresh squeezed OJ! It was soooooooooooo good!

Some things about California are really, really fresh and good!

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    I was training an Andalusian in Spain, and he ate my orange I brought for my lunch! Right through the bag!
    Aha! I said, and started using oranges as training aides.
    Then I went to wrapped orange candies for not being quite so messy!
    He also drank orange soda!

    Nice to know Mustangs still carry their Spanish traits still. Smile!

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