The folks at Beauty’s Haven Farm and Horse Rescue (BHFER) heard about a group of 24+ unhandled horses roaming on 30 acres.  There were several issues with many of them but one in particular…

This 8 year-old mare.

This mare with the gaping hole in her chest and on her face, appeared to be blind. She was running in a herd on 30 acres and had severely injured herself. She was unhandled and young.


She appeared to be almost blind which the owner confirmed.  “Born that way…”.

The mare had gaping holes in her chest, on her face and all around her legs.

Clearly, the poor girl had run whenever the herd ran, but she couldn’t see…

She needed help.  Her wounds were covered with flies and weeping.  The one on her chest is very, very deep.

BHFER managed to get her into a trailer and bring her to safety

BHFER took it upon themselves to figure out a way to have the owner surrender the mare and then collect her:

The blind mare, Spirit, is now likely more comfortable than she has been in a long, long time.  My daughter, Katie, went with me to pick her up today.  It was a good 3 hour trip getting there due to road closures because of flooding.  When we arrived she seemed stoic – her head was down and it was like her mind was in another place and time.  I was worried about her injuries and how bad they looked – worse than they did on Saturday.  And there were new injuries.  I whispered to her and rubbed on her a bit.  But when I reached up to put a halter on her for the trip home she turned her head into me and stayed there for a few seconds – she seemed to be smelling my hand.  I told her she was going home to where she would begin recovery.  She stayed close as we walked to the trailer.  She had never been loaded onto a trailer before – she was born on the property (in 2004) where we picked her up from.  She walked into the trailer in less than a minute – hesitant at first but it didn’t take much coaching.  Just patience, a calm hand, and reassurance.  She wasn’t very happy once we got to moving but unloaded really well at the rescue.

Bad wounds, skinny – but safe at BHFER.



Her freshly cleaned wounds


At the rescue, they cleaned out her wounds and waited for the vet:

Dr. Ryan examined her and said she wouldn’t have lasted much longer.  Her needs have gone neglected for a long time.  She is thin and has obviously been terribly beat up – repeatedly over time.  She has many old and new wire injuries, bites, sunburn, open sores swelling, blisters, etc.  Inside of her upper lip she has a wide cut that runs along her gum line which is likely why she isn’t very interested in hay.  She is finally drinking and but we’re encouraging her more with electrolytes.

She has no vision in her right eye.  It’s possible that she sees a very small sliver of light in her left.

Clearly some issues with her eyes…

Knots. Scabs. Scars.

Even never having been handled, Spirit is very responsive to Theresa


They bathed her and loved on her and named the mare, Spirit:

She’s been through a lot and will wear scars to prove it for the rest of her life – from nose to tail.  Just think about the many times she’s been bitten, kicked, run into things, and how scary it must have been for her.  I was so worried about her during Tropical Storm Debby.  She was roaming on almost 30 acres with about 20 other horses, including studs.  There were also cows.  Tomorrow she will get a good bath and these injuries will get cleaned up.  I didn’t want to do too much more to her – she’s had a tough day.

BATHED, TREATED AND LOVED. She rests comfortably for the first night in a very long time.


Today, two days after her rescue, she is looking a bit better and has had some good sleep and a nice roll.  Her wound healing and after care will be ongoing…  She is a young mare.  I’d like to help her recovery and help her with her eyesight – if possible.  Poor girl…  She has been through enough.

Although Spirit isn’t comfortable enough to lay down and sleep (understandable), she did roll. A very good sign.



Let’s help Spirit with her recovery and her training!  Let’s help her have a very good life, instead of living in fear every day!  Let’s help her learn how to navigate her world.  Clearly, she isn’t a blind mare who cannot learn.  She obviously is willing and able.

Let’s help her continue on her new journey in life!

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Thank you for caring!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    SPIRIT is recouping well… getting around the barn and interacting very sweetly. They think she can see slivers of light out of both eyes. The DR did an ultrasound of her eyes which they sent to a specialist to figure out if she is a candidate for surgery. Crossing fingers!

  2. Kathy Stolper

    Could you please update me on Spirit’s condition? I admire your giving nature towards an animal that had clearly been abused for such a long time.

  3. vickie

    Thank god for your organization, spirit, what a wonderful name for such a wonderful horse. I’m so glad you found her. She lives in peace now. Thank you for all you do. God bless

  4. Lizanne Quinn

    Thank you Theresa – just another soul you have saved. You have made her remaining days safe and loving. Thank you so much for all you do. I wish you he best and look forward to updates on your blog. Poor Angel, she is safe now. xxoo

  5. Michelle

    What a touching story. We wish you well. If you need any help with how to handle blind horses, I do have some directions to point you. :-D

  6. Laura Jones

    I was so touched by Spirits’ story….i hope to be coming into some money very soon. As and when i do, i will contact you with a donation. It should be this week. Keep up the great work..i’d love a horse like Spirit that it makes me so incredibly angry to see another person abuse and neglect her. All the best with her progress.

  7. Charissa Vallejo

    I would love to donate $$$ but can’t at the present time. I do, however, make items for auctions held by non-profits and/or for special fundraisers. I will make something for spirit’s cause and have it for sale in my booth and on my website as soon as it gets completed. I will mail you whatever the item brings, and I will send you a photo and purchasing info so you can post wherever you wish, wherever there are potential buyers. You can contact Wendi at if you need some kind of reference; I have donated items for their auctions.
    Anyway, I will be in touch with more info on item as soon as I can.
    Thanks for doing what you do,
    Charissa Vallejo

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