Yes. Champ didn’t make it… but Connie is here and inside of her is a new life.

All of you have probably heard by now… Champ took a turn for the worse yesterday and it was determined that he needed to pass on.

Everyone was devastated including his close human friends who were by his side as he left.

At least he passed as a loved horse.

Here is what the Director of the SF SPCA had to say:

Thank you to all our new friends that have been touched by Champ.  As you know, we had let him go this morning.  Tanya, Theresa and Laurie were with him to ease his transition.  He was surrounded by love.  The end when it came was very peaceful.  I have to believe that Champ is now in a better place where he will no longer feel pain, hunger, thirst or fear.  But he will feel all the love we, and you, have for him still.

This photo was taken yesterday. Champ was happy with his favorite person, Crystal...



Here’s what I think.  I think we should continue the Bucket Fund in Champ’s honor to aid all of his friends (all 65 of them!) at the South Florida SPCA – especially his pregnant lady friend, Connie.

After all, I think if Champ had a say in it, he would want his herdies to be cared for.

And, from my point of view, there is a new horsie life about to enter this dimension… let’s turn our sadness towards the newbie.  Let’s help nourish him with all the food and love we couldn’t give to Champ.

So, the Bucket Fund continues this month.  We’ll call it ‘Champ’s Bucket Fund’ and it will go towards Connie, the baby (when he/she arrives) and whomever else needs it during this month.

We may not be able to save them all, but we can make a big difference to some.

Champ, you didn’t die in vain – you just moved over so the other horses could have the spotlight for a while.

God speed.


This is Connie. I'm waiting to find out more about her...


When I’m sad, I find that something beautiful that enters my sphere will tend to draw my attention and change my attitude.

So, I’m attaching these images today.


This is a portrait I found on Jim Rey's website. I just love it.

I also found this today… It is a portrait done by the famous equine artist, Jim Rey.  To me, this image really captured the sentiment behind the eyes.  It speaks.



For me, the images from Teresa Elliott always make me stop and gasp.

Yup, the world has pain… but here is a slice of intense beauty.

Onward to the clouds, Champ.  There is a newbie coming and it was nice of you to carve the path for him.

So beautiful and poignant.


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CHAMP'S BUCKET FUND! Click here to donate to Connie and the 65 others in honor of Champ!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. nanette Schieron

    I was so haunted by Champ’s story. I thought about him yesterday. All day he was in my thoughts, I was so hoping he would make it. I am grateful to the people who saved him from a sad and lonely death. Instead he was surrounded by love , caring and kindness in his last moments. And of course he would want his bucket fund to go to his fellow herdies! May you run forever free, Champ.

  2. Crystal Foss

    Connie was breathing heavy last night and she is very plump:) She is healthy and happy and coming from such a horrific place I know I am glad that she will give birth in a safe loving environment vs the adandoned home where 7 deceased horses were already and a horse as skinny or skinnier then Champ was,..Eli…who is at the retirement home with Cindy (another horse from that day’s rescue 11 in all)…Thank you Bucket Fund for your support of the SFSPCA horses!

  3. peg

    I hope they name the new foal “Champ’s Legacy”
    Yes,I’ll be proud for my donation to go them,in Champs name.

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