Updates on LeRoy, Our Junkyard 4, My Eye and the Ohnoyoudontometer…


Many of you have inquired about LeRoy, our February Bucket Fund Wonderpony who was found wandering a Home Depot parking lot with a broken leg.  (If you missed his story, it is linked here.)

Update:  So far so good.  He is still wearing his splint but he is stable enough to spend his days outside playing with his best pal, Dusty.  When the weather is nasty, he plays all day in the indoor arena with his best pal, Dusty.  Basically, he plays all day…  and he no longer needs any stall rest.

Most of his vets feel that LeRoy will be wearing some sort of shoe on that hoof for the rest of his pony life.  This will help make up the difference in length of the lost bone.

Our Wonderpony is very active, eats like a horse and shows no signs of discomfort. All the surgeons and vets feel that LeRoy isn’t out of the woods totally, but he will probably live a long and happy Wonderpony life!

LeRoy’s next radiograph is set for April 14th.  I’m sure they will forward the radiographs for me to post here.  If you would like to follow LeRoy on FB or post on his wall, you can do so here.


Our boy LeRoy!


These poor horses were living in a filthy and overjunked junkyard where the only water was a disgusting slough.  Eight horses were rescued.  One died.  We are supporting the most ill of the remaining 7.  Here is the link to their story.

Pregnant Percheron, Faith and Little Red are doing really, really well.  The are both recovering from all the Junkyard ailments and putting on weight.  Both seem to be on the road to recovery!  Yay!

Red feels great! Tucker not so much...

Tucker is not doing so well.  He is still not thriving but also not getting worse.  Tucker is monitored every day.

Pregnant mini Glory is still very, very skinny but she is putting on weight and has more energy and mobility than she did previously.  Glory was recently body clipped to get rid of her unhealthy coat and help her through the Florida damp heat.  She is very pregnant but hasn’t foaled yet.  BHFER has her on Marestare every night!  You can go to their website to connect and watch.  Here is the link.  (It now works for Macs!)

Glory in her MareStare stall tonight. Click image to watch!

I took this MareStare screen grab of her in her stall eating dinner.  Again, here is the MareStare link to watch little Glory in her stall!

If you’d like to help Tiny Tucker and Pregnant Glory, please click here!

Skinny little Glory with the big baby belly!


Well, not too many of you are asking about my eye injury anymore but I thought I’d tell you anyway.  (If you would like to read about my stoopid mishap, you can read it here.)

The eye is healing quite well.  All the stitches are out and the scar is well hidden in my eyebrow.  Once the scar leaves my brow, it follows along a crease that makes it seem more like a wrinkle than a scar – I don’t know if that is good or bad…

The other unfortunate part is that some of my eyebrow hairs are growing upwards instead of horizontally.  I think they got tweaked when it was all sewn back together.  So, I have my brow, the upward parts, the bald parts and then a big scar tail.

Yes, I said BALD parts.  My brow is kinda bald in one section.  I now have a brow comb-over to cover the bald spot.  Hubby keeps threatening to pull the long upward brow hairs that I am cultivating and training to lay over the scar.  It is a bit ridiculous that I’m training my eyebrows but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Oh yeah, and the eyebrow doesn’t work.  It is stuck in neutral with no expression.  My other eyebrow works perfectly which my friends find amusing and strangers find rather alarming…

As I’ve said before, I owe my quick and seamless (well, I do have a ‘seam’), recovery to a horse product – THE BALM from Equi-Spa (no affiliation).

I slathered it all over my wound every single day.  My doctor couldn’t believe it!  I told him I used a horse product and he just smiled and mumbled something about the FDA…

(Since I keep blah blahing about The Balm and how it healed my eye, Equi-Spa said they will give a free sample of THE BALM to any of my readers who purchase from them.  You just have to tell them that you are a reader.  Here is the link.)

I've indicated the start and end of my scar, plus the upturned hairs... Still, much better!


The ohnoyoudontometer (pronounced:  O-no-u-don’t-o-meter) –  This is a device that is installed into your automobile’s ignition.

If for any reason you are leaving to venture somewhere in an unsavory or overly-horsed condition, the ohnoyoudontometer will not let the car start.

This handy device protects the unaware driver from unwanted embarrassment by selectively detecting errant hay, over-the-shoulder horse spittle, kicked-back mud on your pant leg, purple Thrushbuster on the hands, dermis (from a good scratch…)under the nails, sneeze remnants on your cheek and the newest feature, The Gaksensor, will notify the driver if they have nasty ‘hoof picking’ remains schmeared on their cuff.

With the Ohnoyoudontometer, unwitting horse owners will no longer suffer the consequences of accidentally running to the market in their muck boots or showing up at the Post Office with a dirty duct tape bootie in their pocket.  The Ohnoyoudontometer will be your best friend!

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March Drop in the Bucket Fund:  THE JUNKYARD 4.
These 4 sad horses were found in miserable condition, 2 pregnant, all starved – yet owned by a hay broker!  To learn all about the Bucket Fund and to donate towards the care of The Junkyard 4, please click on the photo

Click here to help the JUNKYARD 4 including the very pregnant mini mare, Glory!



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. RiderWriter

    Wow- I think you’ve healed amazingly well! Re: the eyebrow non-movement, I hope it comes back (I would also guess nerve damage), but in the meantime you can perfect your ironic/sarcastic look. :-) Glad the rescues small and large are hanging in there!

  2. peg

    Oh,how do I find updates on Junkyard 4 ?? Only thing I can find is months out of date!

  3. peg

    I’ve been watching Glory on marestare,and she does look better…some better anyhow.
    I’ve got the jitters that somehow she was bred to a full size horse.. I’v read the research that pony mares bred to full size,even draft stallions,had normal births .. But those wern’t Minis,they were Ponys..
    The eye looks fine.. use a bit of eyebrow pencil and nobody will ever know :)
    Good news on Leroy :)

  4. Kitty Bo

    Actually, I as wondering about our brow also. I bet eventually the nerves will grow back and it will go from neutral to expressive.

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