I just wanted to say first that you must SOAK flax seed and Equine Chia in order for any horse to utilize them.  If you don’t soak these seeds, the hard shells don’t break down and the horses just pass them right through.

So, to protect your investment and to help your horse, soak the flax seed and the chia seed.  If I use flax, I put it on top of my beet pulp pellets and let it soak overnight.  For the Equine Chia, I always add water and let it soak for at least 20 minutes while I do my other chores.  The gooey texture of the Chia soothes the gut and is said to pick up debris along the way…



An update on our October Bucket Fund baby, Hope!  She is the filly with the knock knees who was left in a field for the wolves… She was rescued by Alder Hill Farm and we helped them raise funds for her surgery.  The original story is linked here.

Hope before surgery

As most of you know, the surgery went very well and now everyone has to wait to see if Hope’s legs straighten enough for the second surgery.

Well, things are going very well indeed!  Hope looks GREAT!

Hope after surgery! Her legs are looking so much better! More time will straighten them even more!

You can follow Hope on the Alder Hill Farm website or on their Facebook page.

Below are the updates from Alder Hill:

The boss has been quite busy …so all you Hope fans , here is a short update…Her right leg is already showing great signs of improvement, her left jus as the doc said , may be a bit slower, but it also is starting show improvement …in the morning when feeding she likes to buck an do a little dance til you get her chow in the bucket! Tomorrow will be removing her stitches!!! Best of all she now bends down on her front knees to lay down as a normal horse would , instead of a flop to the ground!!

The vet removing stitches

Morning crew fed, removed Hope’s stitches without issue and she was a lil doll!!! Had an email from Dr. Wilson after reviewing her photos and videos telling us she was doing great and to keep up the good work! Been running like crazy getting ready for the Poker Run and had a ton of fun at Bike Night and the Bolivar Saddle Club Tuesday!!! Both groups are amazing supporters of AHF and Thank You!!!!!

The huge compression wounds are almost gone!



Our goal was $2500 to help Hope with this surgery and her next… and we are almost there!

We only need another $65!!  Anything above and beyond will only benefit Hope with her supplements, wraps and all the other after care.


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Fundraising Thermometer

Thank you for my surgery!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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