Today is Sunday and sometimes on Sundays, you just wanna smile…

So, today is a Smile Sunday!


First, I wanted to Thank YOU all for the May Mid-Month Bucket Fund for Last Chance Corral’s nurse mare foals!  Happily, I am glad to report that we collected $855 and ALL of the orphans have been adopted!  Yay!

LCC does a really good job of promotion and placement!

To answer some of your questions, I let the fund go a bit longer than May 31st for a couple of reasons… I wanted to give us as much time to donate as possible since I didn’t start the fund until mid-month.  Secondly, the Bucket Fund horses that I was eyeing for June have not been able to be recovered from their situation yet.  So, I thought I would keep the fund going to help LCC as much as we could.

Of course, I never want any of you to wonder about the Bucket Funders… or wonder where your money went so I decided to end the Fund today so I could send the money and show you the receipt.

Click image to go to the site


May 2012 Bucket Fund Donation Receipt. (click image to enlarge)



Whenever I find a fun video, I keep it on my desktop for ‘video days’.

Today is a video day.


1)  This one is my fav.  It just cracks me up!  Short but sweet!

Click to play this short video!


2)  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS DOG!  Atta girl, Lilly!

Also, I’d like to add that they did a really good job with this video… they had cameras set up all along the path, they picked a perfect time of day for the light, the editing was very clean and I loved the music!  Great job all around!


Click image to watch this very well done video of this awesome girl!


3)  I’m not sure if this is funny or sad or ironic.  But I thought the story was so unbelievable – but true – that I had to show you so you could decide for yourselves whether you liked it or not…

Click image to watch this story about a cow who went through a McDonald's drive thru...



Remember Aprils’s Bucket Fund in the memory of Champ for the SOUTH FLORIDA’S SPCA?  That was the very, very skinny horse who was found wandering down a residential street in Florida… he didn’t make it.  But, his very best friend during is last week of life was the pregnant mare, Connie, whom he met at SFSPCA.

Almost immediately after Champ passed, Connie gave birth to a colt who looked very much like Champ…  makes me wonder if the stud looked like Champ and that is why Connie loved Champ instantly – dunno.

Anyway, here is an updated photo of baby Champ with the 16 year-old reporter/volunteer from SFSPCA who fed me stories and photos.  Thanks, Michelle!

Michelle with baby Champ. What a strong and good looking boy!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Barbara Wood

    Thank you Dawn, for the great report on the nurse mare foals. I loved all the videos. Thought maybe Darcy the cow was one of the Chick-Fil-A cows on a spying mission. May she never join her “relatives’ at the evil Circus Burger (hope you get those ads out in CA).

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