LeRoy Update! Hard Cast off, Soft Cast is On! He is healing!

In case you missed our Bucket Fund story this month, here is a synopsis:  (Here is the link to the original story…)


LeRoy, a pony, was found hobbling around a Home Depot parking lot.  Some wonderful people caught him and called Animal Control.  AC saw his oddly shaped back leg and called Hooved Animal Humane Society.  They took full charge of him (sight unseen) and had him rushed to the nearest Equine Hospital.

Once LeRoy was at the University of Madison, they discovered that he had a completely broken rear leg and it had been broken for 4 months!  Immediately, HAHS said they would raise funds for the corrective surgery and the hospital didn’t wait… they performed the surgery immediately on this little Wonderpony!

They wanted him to have a chance at a comfortable life!

LeRoy is so inspiring…  He is such a little fighter!  And, everyone thinks he is a survivor…  So, LeRoy is our Bucket Fund boy for February!  We are helping foot the bill for his huge surgery and recovery.  Yay!

LeRoy's odd angled back leg - that he was using!

The awful break that went unaided for 4 months!


He is healing!!

No one is willing to say that he is out of the woods, but everyone at Hooved Animal Humane Society is thrilled at his progress!

Dr Patti Klein, the Executive Director of HAHS as well as the vet who arranged to immediately take LeRoy under her wing, sight unseen, says the little pony is TOUGH.  He is healing and his leg in a much better position.

Still new at the hospital, LeRoy is shy and unwilling to take the treat being offered.

His hard cast. It put his leg in a much more correct position.


LeRoy was healing so well, it was time to move him into a soft cast.  As usual, he was a perfect patient.  The attending surgeons who took new radiographs feel that all things are going swimmingly.  They have to keep him quiet – no running around a Home Depot parking lot – but his prognosis looks very good at this point.

LeRoy has splints inside this soft cast which will continue to support his leg but also allow the bone to heal as he uses it.

And use it he does!

He is so cute! This is his new splint!


He’s trotting on his soft cast!  He picks up all fours.  He will let anyone palpate his leg.  And, they say his funny, quirky personality is shining!  The pony is coming back to life and learning to trust!  He must feel so much better!

Here is LeRoy with Patti, the Exec Dir of HAHS and also his VET. He is still not sure of her because she has NEEDLES! Ack!


At first, the techs and volunteers said that LeRoy acted like an isolated horse.  He was extremely shy.  LeRoy might have taken a piece of apple or carrot from a human, but he was not trusting.  He wanted to be friendly, they could tell, but he was unsure.

He also came with a dreaded fear of wormer and needles.

After a while of intensive love and care from the HAHS staff (who could not resist his sweet face), LeRoy has turned a personality corner!  Little LeRoy loves attention.  Anyone can pet him all over.  If he wants you to stop messing with him, he paws.  He also paws when he wants his dinner, of course.

When on his daily walks, LeRoy puffs up for the ladies and has something to say to all of the other horses at HAHS!  LeRoy especially likes his stall neighbor, Dusty.  Dusty has some feet issues as well so they commiserate together.

The doctors continue to say that LeRoy is an amazing patient.  They are in total wonder in his ability to heal.  LeRoy is a wonderpony for sure!

They have to hold onto him tight on his walks because he wants to RUN! He is a whole different pony!


Slowly but surely attendants will test the leg in larger areas.  Right now, he has his stall and then a larger paddock.  But with all the snow, no one wants him to slip or hurt his leg so he is allowed mostly to be hand-walked through all the barns.

As LeRoy’s leg becomes stronger and his bones thicker, everyone will breathe a sigh of relief.  He is such a cutie, they all love him.  As of now, since his prognosis is not certain, he is not adoptable… but soon, hopefully.  Everyone wants LeRoy to find that special place so he won’t have to live, ever, under the conditions of his previous home (used loosely).

Thank you for caring!


LeRoy has his own page on Facebook!  You can watch his recovery and stay in touch after the February Bucket Fund is over.  Here is a link to his FB page.


As you all probably know, donations are down everywhere.  But, you guys have been incredible!  The entire staff of HAHS is thrilled that humans are stepping up to help this little, incredible pony.  So let’s keep it up and continue to support LeRoy, the Wonderpony, one little drop in the bucket at a time!

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