It is tough to believe but another TB has been thrown under the bus – literally. Unbelievable!

This kind of thing makes me ill.

Here’s the story…  Some nutjob (excuse my French) wanted to get his 22 year-old TB into a trailer to go somewhere.  If the horse didn’t get in, he was going to be euthanized.

The TB wouldn’t load (surprise, surprise) so the wingnut attached him to a winch and tried to winch him in.

Eventually, the TB ended up under the trailer – cast, struggling, injuring himself – finally rising just to fall down again.

The owner decided to call a vet to put down the horse.  The vet thought the horse had a chance (thank Goodness for some common sense and humanity).  In the meantime, Officers and Animal Control became involved.

Animal Control called BHFER, again.

Unflipping believable.


BHFER (Beauty’s Haven Farm and Equine Rescue) was the facility that took in Itsuko just this week.  You can read about this emaciated great granddaughter of Native Dancer here.


The horse is Kingoftheadmiralty.  His pedagree is linked here.

Birthdate:  April 19, 1989, New York.

5 starts.

Admiralty standing awkwardly with his poor banged-up 'sore all over' body.


Luckily, Admiralty loaded fine and made it back to BHFER where he has been loved and doctored.



All whacked...

Waiting for the swelling to start...


He's not stepping correctly with his beat-up legs


So far, none of the bloodwork is back.   Several vets have given him a thorough once-over.  He is swollen and battle bruised and no one knows the extent of his internal injuries.  The poor gelding has cuts all over and new areas of damage keep erupting.  The poor guys must feel like he got run over…

He’s had a bath and all of his sores were cleaned and tended.

Admiralty was sore but loaded (with help) into BHFER's welcoming trailer.

It has been touch and go the last few hour.  Admiralty has given them a few really big scares.  It seems that once the shock wore off and the pain set in, Admiralty did a few backslides. But he has rallied.  And, Theresa says he is a sweetheart!

No one is giving up and Admiralty is hanging in there.  He’s eating and showing interest in those around him.

The Doc examines him as Admiralty stands awkwardly


Speaking of those around him…

Itsuko has had her feet done, teeth done and has had a full work up as well.  She is on a regimented re-feeding plan.  The watch her like a hawk.

She appears to be very contented!

They say she nickers every time anyone is near… she loves her hay and looooves to watch the other horses.  After being alone for so long, she must feel like she’s in horse heaven.

Itsuko looks on...


Please help BHFER help this poor gelding who is suffering after being mechanically forced into the trailer… and when that didn’t work, he was thrown under the it.  And let’s help BHFER continue to rehabilitate Itsuko.  Many, many thanks!

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Thank you for caring about this fine gentleman...


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  2. Stacy Jett

    I’m sooo glad you guys were here for this horse as well for the others- people like you
    keep compassion and humanity alive!

  3. Angie

    Is the person responsible for this kind of animal abuse going to be charged? Do monsters like this get away with this kind of behavior, to more than likely go on to commit abuses on other living things?? And for poor Itsuku too…..someone needs to pay and be an example that you can’t treat animals like this without having to pay the consequences. This just makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. peg

    Read that his throat was swollen so he was having some trouble – It is the 3rd day after all the trama,so stiff,sore and swelling is to be expected.. All the best to this poor guy.. (wonder where they were taking him )
    Isuko in the last picture looks so happy..

  5. Joanie

    I know some horses can be hard to load in the trailer, however, there are other ways to get a horse in a trailer…making them fearful is not one of them…I have used grain, carrots etc…but the best method of course is taking your time to train them to go in. I like the Natural Horsemanship way…teach them to move past you with cues and then move up to asking to go into the trailer and whhhoooolllaaa they go in…and I make it extra comfy for them with hay etc. I never feed grain in the trailer as they can choke. I drive slow around curves and bumps etc too so it is a pleasant experience. Patience is a virtue in trailering…Glad this guy is okay…poor guy…he is lucky now though!

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