Last month, so many of you were moved by our Feel Good Story about the Senior BLM Stallions who were gathered in Sulphur, Utah – and subsequently rescued and freed.  (You can read about them linked here.)

Today, Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary has agreed to take two mare/foal pairs from the same BLM gather – to be reunited with the old stallions!

Let’s help these two older, less adoptable, mare pairs reunite with the older stallions who are now running free at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.


THESE MARES ARE FROM THE SAME GATHER as the old stallions – and they have a chance at freedom!

Look at these two older mares!   They’ve survived in the wild for a long time and have wisdom to pass down through the herds.

The dun 14 year-old mare gave birth in the wild – her little colt had to run for his life during the helicopter gather.   Now they are both spending these formative months behind bars.  However, they can live free… if we can raise the funds to transport them.

The brown 16 year old mare had to give birth in the crowded BLM holding facility.  She had a gorgeous dun filly born 3/3/15.


This is the 14 year-old mare with her very strong colt who was newborn yet he RAN for his life during the helicopter gather. They have a chance at freedom! They just need transport funds. Look at that gorgeous boy!

Beautiful girl.

Beautiful girl.  Wise.  She has a lot to offer a herd and we can free her!


This is the 16 year-old mare from the same gather who had this beautiful dun filly behind  bars on 3/3/15. These two have a chance at freedom! All they need is transportation!

Alert Mama!

Alert Mama!  Another wise old mare.  Her knowledge can be let free again!


CAN WE HELP THEM RAISE TRANSPORTATION FUNDS?!  They have a wild home, they just need to get there.

Some funds have already been raised… so all we have to raise is $2000 to get them from Utah to South Dakota.

We can do this!  But we need to do it fast because these gals have to get out of town ASAP!

Please send your Starbucks or any carseat change – any amount – and THANK YOU!  This feels so good to reunite the old gals with the old guys in the freedom of Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

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  1. Jacquelyn Hieber

    Thank you for the wonderful article on our rescue efforts for this family reunion. Please know there is no intention for breeding. They will live together happily as a family, free to run on over 11,000 acres.
    Thank you for your support!

  2. met

    I suppose gelding the stallions isn’t an option? These gals have given enough births, I think.

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