EMERGENCY BUCKET FUND – AGAIN! 26 more pregnant mares and foals PLUS an older BLM Gelding and 2 Burros! WE CAN DO IT AGAIN! PLEASE HELP!!

Just two days ago, I told you about 10 pregnant mares and fillies who were dumped at an auction – waiting their demise.

Well, we all stepped up and SAVED THEM within 48 hours!  AMAZING!

Now, we have the chance to do it again… to make a huge difference in the lives of these 19 new equines:  pregnant mares, mares with tiny foals, a BLM elder gelding and 2 burros.

They are going through the auction RIGHT NOW.  The rescuers on the ground at the auction house have made a deal to keep these horses from any meat buyers.

We have 48 hours to pay for them all.

We can do this.

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Scared mares and babies…


Pregnant mares and foals…


We don’t know much except that they were dropped off and most seem to be in good condition.  Rescues and homes are being secured as we speak.  Below is the note from the rescuers standing by at the facility:

No sooner than we had completed the rescue of 10 horses yesterday, we were notified about a big group that had been dropped off for the auction today. We could not let them go without trying, so Marlene and I are working with boots-on-the-ground to secure some/all of the following horses at the livestock auction. We will have to outbid two notorious kill buyers in order to get them.
3 pregnant mares

6 mare/foal pairs

11 youngsters

1 elder BLM gelding

2 Burros

Rescues that are able to take in horses, please contact Marlene at valleyviewranch@gmail.com or 805-975-6048.


Innocent babies.




Elder BLM gelding.  He needs some TLC.



BLM BURRO – look at those feet!

WE CAN DO THIS!  Thank you thank you thankyou.

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  1. Kymberly Haas

    Paypal worked fine for me this morning. Glad they are holding them for you and may the goal be reached. Please keep me posted on results!!!

  2. Linda Blum

    Dawn – Paypal was out of commission this early am – 8/19/15. Hope all these darlings can be saved. Linda

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