CHAMP IS SAFE! Good news and bad news…

As you all probably know by now, Champ, our May Bucket Fund recipient, will not ever go back to his former abuser!

Champ was signed over to Alaqua yesterday… Wow!

Phew and Wahoo!

(You can read the original story here.)


Alaqua called me with the news and said that they wanted the HORSE AND MAN GROUP to be the first to break the story (I’m grateful but I never even thought about “breaking a story”…) since we had helped Champ so much- which was sweet of them.  Laurie (founder) wanted me to make sure and tell YOU how much support they felt from all of us.

And, what is really interesting…

A few weeks ago, I was required to send a letter to the defense attorney (the dark side) regarding HORSE AND MAN’s involvement in the case.

Really?…  Horse and Man?…  Why?

Evidently, all of your calls, letters, comments and Bucket Fund Facebook ‘pass arounds’ got back to the other side!!  Can you believe it?  The attorneys for the previous owner back in Florida were a bit miffed at us.  Ha!



10 months and 250lbs later... CHAMP (the Mini) AFTER


Here is the official press release:

Editor’s note: For high-res downloadable images, please go to:  Password: aar. Please find attached a fact sheet on the refuge, as well. For more information, contact Lori Eckert at 850-855-0055, or at

Alaqua Animal Refuge to receive ownership of Champ

FREEPORT, Fla., (May 31, 2011) –  Alaqua Animal Refuge officials were notified by the office of Florida State Attorney William “Bill” Edins today that the no-kill animal shelter and adoption center has been granted ownership of Champ, a miniature horse that remains at the center of a Walton County animal welfare case.

Champ was brought to the refuge, which is located in Freeport, on Aug. 20, 2010 by Walton County Animal Control. The horse, which is approximately 2 years old, was emaciated and unable to stand. Blood tests revealed that his near-death state was a direct result of malnutrition and starvation. During the past nine months, he has received specialized care, gained more than 200 pounds and is in excellent physical condition.

“At Alaqua Animal Refuge, it is our mission is to save the lives of animals, and we have done so thousands of times since we opened in 2007; however, the role we played in Champ’s rescue has been among the most rewarding of experiences,” said Laurie Hood, founder and president of Alaqua Animal Refuge. “To learn that this little horse, who has become a symbol for the cause of humane treatment toward animals, will remain in our care, is a great relief and joy for the many volunteers, supporters and staff members who have watched his story of hope unfold.”

“I would like to thank State Attorney Bill Edins, Assistant State Attorney Adrienne Emerson, Walton County Chief Assistant State Attorney Greg Anchors, Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson, and all those involved in rescuing Champ. Together, we have given a voice to so many animals that have suffered, and we have taken steps that could save countless others in the future.”


This is the most money the HORSE AND MAN GROUP has ever collected.  WONDERFUL!  Thank you all for sending good wishes, concern and funds.  Greatly, greatly appreciated by all involved.

Our receipt for our donation to Alaqua and Champ!



The Good News out of Alaqua from our May Bucket Fund is that little JR is doing great and has made a ‘milk-buddy’ in an orphaned goat named, Sugar!

Too cute!

(JR was the foal out Rose who was poisoned from bad plants while foraging in the woods after being dumped there when she was 11 months pregnant.   Rose passed shortly after giving birth to JR.   JR was also sick from his mother’s poisoned milk but has since recovered.)


A healthy JR!

JR and his 'milk-buddy', Sugar


Not so good news…


Gypsy is hanging on by a thread.  She was doing well and now her liver has taken a turn for the worse… Laurie at Alaqua looves her and wanted to adopt this wonderful, sweet mare for herself.  Many positive thoughts are needed.  I sure hope she pulls through… Just look at her sweet face.


Poor, sick Gypsy also ate poisoned plants while she was abandoned in the woods... Laurie is administering to her and Gypsy seemed to be perking up.

Gypsy was gaining and Laurie fell in love.

Gyspy is backsliding... She is so sweet. Prayers.



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Violet Alexander

    This herb called silimarine is amazing at protecting and helping the liver’s health, it may be the best for her once you make sure it is not poisonous to her, I hope I am in time as I have just read about her.

  2. Joanne Picca

    These beautiful horses are loving sweet souls who feel love and pain. They need our love, care and compassion. The evil monsters who abuse animals are dispicable cowards and bullies and have NO souls and NO heart. We must help animals and be the voice for all animals.

  3. Nina Eckhoff

    Ever-loving God, please look after your children, and especially those special animals that have suffered due to human cruelty. Please make these innocent creatures whole again. Amen.

  4. denise matthews

    Such GREAT NEWS about Champ!! what a gorgeous little man!! Thoughts and prayers for Gypsy, Angel, and all the others struggling to survive!! Keep up the good work, everyone, and thank you for all that you do!!!

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