31 Newly Orphaned Foals and 8 Nursing Mares with their babies are in the Slaughter Pen. NOW is the time to make the Bucket Fund matter. These horses already have a place to go (and thrive), we just have to help them get there. All of them. And, we have 5 days…

Moving mountains.

One person cannot.  But, put a lot of people together with shovels and determination… and miracles happen.

That is what we need in the next 5 days.

Lots of people and determination.

I know we have lots of people.  And, if we all pitched in a dollar, we could save every last one of these 47 horses ourselves!


31 recently orphaned foals and 8 nursing broodmares... not much hope.


There are 31 orphaned foals in the slaughter pen in Nevada.  Their mothers shipped last week.

There are 8 nursing broodmares with their foals who didn’t fit on the previous truck.

Innocent. Orphaned.

We have the opportunity to save them all – AND ALSO GIVE THEM A GREAT HOME, which is the best part!

They already have a great place to go… they just need ransom and groceries for after they arrive in their safe haven.

In the killpen...


Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue is housing over 600 wild horses that they have rescued over the last year.


They do a tremendous job of not only caring for the horses, but finding them alternative wild homes where they can continue to roam free and in family groups.   Lifesavers also recognizes the need for proper training of the wild horse.  So, the most suitable horses are given training and then offered for adoption as solid equine citizens.

Luckily, Lifesavers has stepped up to house these Killpen Horses… as long as they have some help.

8 nursing mothers, 31 orphaned foals...


I’m sure you can imagine how these doomed mothers and babies pull at the heartstrings of a horse rescue like Lifesavers that is known for saving them.

The problem is that Lifesavers really cannot say YES to this endeavor of saving another 47 horses without a support boost.  They need funds.  600 horses is a lot…

So, they are asking for donations to pay the meat price as ransom and guarantee hay/support while these wild horses are being vetted, handled, housed and trained over the next year.  $1000/foal.  A pittance, really.  I know how much it costs me per year to support one of my horses… let alone a ransom fee. What they are asking is far far less.  Lifesaver’s total goal to rescue and feed (etc) these 47 horses for a year is $39,000.  They have already raised approximately $4K.  They need $35,000 to save the rest of them.

One of the mares and her baby.

Anyone who donates $1000 gets to name a mare or foal.

Let’s see how many we can name as a group, shall we?

(If any one person donates $1000 through H&M, you will get a tax deductible receipt and you will get to name the foal.)

Lifesavers promises to give updates!  And I live 6 hours away.  I can go take a few pics in the future!

Save and support them without having to house them!!


Since we have almost reached our July Bucket Fund goal for Itsuko and Admiralty (we are $60 shy but that is still GREAT!), I propose that we have an END OF THE MONTH BUCKET FUND for the ‘Innocent 47’.  We don’t have to raise all the money ourselves, of course, but anything we can do will help move the mountain!  Once momentum starts, who knows what could happen here…!

So grab your shovel and click the button!  Let’s see what we can do in 5 days!  I will keep the thermometer current and available on this blogpost so save this link:  http://www.horseandman.com/?p=17708

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The first thermometer is what the THE HORSE AND MAN GROUP collects.  The 2nd thermometer is the total of all donations from everywhere to save these 31 orphaned foals and the 8 nursing broodmares.  You can also follow Lifesavers on Facebook here.

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Thank you.

Thank you.







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9 comments have been posted...

  1. Diana B

    It says 3 to six months old on the foals. They look more like yearlings. The mare that is about to drop another would have to be a year past foaling her last one. Glad to see you are doing so well on the money.

  2. Karin Foley

    Does the soon to be mama have a foal at her side? Just wondering because her new baby will need the colostrum that a current foal would get. Not good!

  3. Jill Starr

    Becky – there are 8 nursing mares with their own foals. There are 31 orphaned foals ranging from 3 to 6 months old. Some are on their own, some are nursing off the mares who will let them. There is also one nursing mare that is about to drop another baby.

  4. dawndi Post author

    WONDERFUL! That is what it takes – just do it! Yay! One dollar from all my readers would save these and many more. Bravo!!! THANK YOU.

  5. Stef

    My first time ever donating. It’s only $1 but every little bit helps right :) Those poor horses :(

  6. Linda Horn

    Becky, I think “fit on the truck” is the real issue. I’m sure all these mares and foals will fit on the next truck. If Lifesavers hasn’t already done it, this needs to go up at Elaine Nash’s site and Alex Brown’s as well. Meanwhile, I’ll post it on other anti-slaughter blogs.

  7. Phyrie

    I don’t know, but if that’s ALL the foals have to eat, the mares might very well nurse them as long as they could. And that makes me sad all over again.

  8. Becky Jeffrey

    Is it just me or are those babies WAY to big to be still nursing?

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