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My Epic chore of grooming… and LINUS, THE HORSE WITH THE HAIR!

My horses need a really good grooming.

Do yours?  Just nod your head and make me feel better.

Anyway (as I humbly shuffle off)…

Lucky for me, I have a new detangling, mane/tail product to try from Equi-Spa called Fairy Tales (This stuff smells great! It will be a treat when I finally use it…).

So, you’d think having a brand new product to try and a bunch of frizzy, matted, mudballed  horses I’d march right out there and show you before and after photos, right…?

Well, I will.  This weekend.  Right now, the ground is finally (FINALLY!!) drying out around here and the time has come!  Epic Grooming!

Meet Linus!

He lived long ago.  I love that he was from a herd (The Oregon Long-Haired Wild Wonder Horses) that originally roamed free in Oregon.  If only they weren’t all captured and then made extinct.  Thank goodness Linus was famous so we can remember these beauties!


MARCH BUCKET FUND HORSE, SWAYZE, NEEDS SURGERY TO SURVIVE  His Drop in the Bucket Fund (story here) only needs $1085 to give him his lifesaving surgery!  Just a few drops will add up!

Do you have Starbucks money to donate to this very handsome gelding?  He has fought so hard to live!  Thank you!!  Make a 100% tax deductible donation here!

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