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So, have you heard of JIM HENDRICKS, the paraplegic trick rider?! – AND, his best friend, BUD JONES, the blind trick rider?!

OK, so… which one of your excuses for not riding is better than what these guys worked through?!!

I had never heard of them either… but Hubby listened to a radio show where Jim Hendricks the paraplegic trick rider was mentioned.  So, we looked him up.  There wasn’t much information…but in one article I read, Jim mentions his best buddy, Bud Jones, the blind trick rider.


So, I googled Bud Jones but also found very little information.

In any event, these men, with the little we know, are very inspirational!

If any of you know about these courageous and inventive men, please email me or comment here!


I couldn’t find much…

click image to go to original story

A READER JUST FOUND THIS ABOUT JIM – it is the article that my Hubby heard on the radio that inspired this post!  Great sleuthing!

Click image to go to article

NOW FOR BUD JONES – we have even less…

Blind horse trainer, Bud Jones. (Photo by Francis Miller/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

THE SAME READER FOUND THIS ARTICLE ON BUD!  – such great researching!

CLICK HERE to go to the original article.

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