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HORSE AND MAN JEWELRY IS HITTING THE BIG TIME (sort-of)… Any Master Booth people out there? I could use some expert tips!

Horse and Man Jewelry is doing the Cowgirl Christmas tradeshow!

(Gasp!)  I just went for it.  Paid for the booth already and everything.

Holy Crap!  I have to make 250 pieces by November 22nd!  (Gulp!)


Well, to be honest, although I don’t have time when I’m working, I do love to sit down and create.  It is fun for me.  I enjoy it.

Anyway, I was shopping or doing something downtown and I saw this flyer.  I’ve posted the front and back here.

So… Hmmmm.

I thought to myself, “I could be a vendor…”.

What many of you probably don’t know is that many moons ago, when I was a highly employed producer, I opened a table (cool table top art pieces- ceramic, wood, metal…), wall (paintings and mixed media) and body art (jewelry) gallery.   It was called, Itchy Fingers Gallery.

Well, when you have a retail shop, you have to go ‘shopping’ in order to fill your store.  I went on many buying trips (FUN!).  And, over the 10 years of owning my shop, I saw many booths and wholesale shows.

So,  the retail part of this new venture doesn’t scare me.  It is the making the stuff to sell and fast-paced selling – that does.

I did the math and basically, I have to have on hand at least 250 items so that I could sell 50% and come out way ahead for the December Bucket Fund.


Since I’ve been in Paso Robles, I tend to “Mr. T” layer the pieces … and I’ve had many women stop me on the street and ask where I got my necklaces.

I think the visual of seeing them stacked together or at least on a real neck, helps sell them – especially the long pieces that don’t photograph well.

Because of being able to sell them off of my neck, when a small local vineyard asked me to sell on one of their Open Houses earlier this year, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out.

I set  up a little table with a nice cloth.  I had velvet necks and pieces displayed as best I could with natural wood items I had around the place… Nothing fancy – but workable.  I was the only one selling my stuff.  I figured I’d sell a few and it would be slow paced and easy.

I was wrong.

Most of the ladies who came to the event were happy and enjoying their wine, so that might have greased the decisions, but I sold out – mostly – and I couldn’t keep up.  Ladies were grabbing and trying and asking and… wanting to pay with a credit card when my reader wasn’t working and I had to figure all that out…

Oy.  I’m surprised I sold anything at all – I was so discombobulated.  Selling at a booth is VERY DIFFERENT than selling behind a counter at my store..

Anyway, through all of that, the ladies were gracious (again, the wine helped..) and I ended up selling out.  I had the high end pieces left, but all the other pieces sold really fast. – Especially whatever I was wearing.  I’d sell what I was wearing and put on another set of something, and that would sell.

I think it is a very visual thing.  A real neck is the key.


At the tiny vineyard show, I wasn’t so slick at the Pay Pal slide your card thing… and I was trying to box, wrap and bag every purchase.

Yikes.  I was a fumbling mess… So I need to practice using the swiper thing… and no more individual boxing and ribbon and tissue and pretty bag.

I’m going to pre-fill bags with boxes and ribbon and tissue where the buyer can assemble at home.  Most people didn’t want it boxed anyway (I found out after I boxed almost every sale) because they wanted to look at it when they got home.  Live and learn.

Anyway, this is big for me and on top of it all, I have to have some sort of a BOOTH.

Is there any “booth magic” that veteran sales people might be able to tell me?  I have tables and soft mats and a good chair and fans and candy… I have display necks and display sand/rice… I will figure out a sign…

But do any of you have genius ideas that I should incorporate?  I’D LOVE TO HEAR from you!  email me here.


I probably won’t have much jewelry to sell between now and then (a few pieces a month), so if you want anything, please either email me to look on our FB page or on our website.  I am listing inventory below.

Shipping included in all prices!  ALL SALES SUPPORT THE BUCKET FUND!

Featured 5: Turquoise, Gemstones with Sterling Cowskull necklace! So much going on for only $68!

Lovely alone or layered, can be doubled. Gorgeous turquoise, turquoise heishi beads, jasper beads and handmade sterling beads with Sterling cowskull pendant (1″). Chrysoprase chunk bead at closure. Necklace 30″.

To purchase, click here!

FEATURED:   ALL TIME FAVORITE WRAP necklace/bracelet. SO MUCH DETAIL for only $212!

This is an amazing addition to your jewelry box. Single, double or triple necklace wrap with different sections at every angle. Floating antique cross can be placed anywhere. Czech glass white and creme pearls, Antique African trading beads in bronze/copper/red, silver beads, silver mismatched chain, crystal nuggets, silver orbs, silver inlay on crystal and crystal closure. Chain is 50″!!! pendant 2+ inches. A great piece!

To purchase, click here!

FEATURED 2:  GRAB IT NOW – Perfect for layering! Only $48!

This is the necklace everyone always asks me to create! The multi-colored neutrals that works with gold or silver and perfect for stand alone or layering! You will love this! 24″

To purchase, click here!


Transparent Czech glass dusty rose beads with handmade sterling heart charm at crystal closure. Really nice alone or as an accent. 18″.

To purchase, click here!


This is one of my favorite combinations of beads and color. Such a nice blend! Czech glass beads in hues of earthy but vibrant greens. Handmade sterling heart at crystal closure. 18″

To purchase, click here!

 FEATURED 12:  LAPIS AND CARAMEL necklace/bracelet!
Czech glass trade beads in lapis and earthtones with a handmade sterling silver bird charm and gemstone Lapis large round bead at closure. Wear this with jeans or a dress! 26″
To purchase, click here!
 AUGUST BUCKET FUND:  In memory of Hardy who didn’t make it and to support little foals like Milan who did… (wild horses in distress, rescued off of the range).  The LRTC Large Animal Emergency Rescue Team needs another, very helpful, piece of equipment.  It is an A-Frame which rights downed horses.  They need $2200 and right now, we have $400.
Please help if you can… this type of equipment upgrade will save many lives – faster.
All donations are 100% tax deductible!  Thank you in advance.

In memory of Hardy who probably had WNV. We are still awaiting results of his blood tests.

This is an A-frame demonstration.




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