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Bucket Fund Receipts for March and Murphy’s video!

Yippee!  Last month, the HORSE AND MAN GROUP donated $1382 to needy equines!  Wahoo!

The March Bucket Fund went to THE JUNKYARD 4 who were skinny, wormy and sickly when they were rescued from a Junkyard.  These horses had only swampy, nasty water to drink and they were very toxic and weak when rescued.

Luckily BHFER nabbed them and now has Faith the pregnant Percherson, Glory the pregnant mini-mare, Little Red the mini and Tiny Tucker – Glory’s colt from last year, under their wings of excellent nurturing and care.

I will keep you posted on their progress for sure!

Here is the receipt for our donation to BHFER.


Receipt for the Junkyard 4! Click to enlarge.


AND, in March, we had our first ever Mid-Month Mini Bucket Fund for the orphaned Mustang and Paiute babies under Shirley Allen’s care.  Unfortunately, we lost one… very sad.  But Sassy, Tina and Ruby are still growing and healthy, thanks to Shirley and LRTC.

I will keep you posted on these little ladies as well! Here is our receipt:

Receipt for our Mid Month Mini Bucket Fund! Click to enlarge



I thought we could all use a little lift this morning.  So, I’m posting a video of a darling pup, Murphy.  And, a video of crazy Italians (I can say that because my father came off the boat from Sicily) who created and perfected hand dancing. Wha?  You know, that McDonalds commercial with the couple in the back who hand-dance around their coffee?

What a great idea, eh?  Create a very captivating video and have some huge corporation in America grab your original concept and run with it!  Very fun!  I wonder how long it took for them to choreograph this epic dance and then memorize it!  Yikes!

Anyway, here are the two videos for your enjoyment!

1)  Hand Dancing:


Click to watch this pretty amazing hand-dancing video!

2)  Murphy:

Click image to watch this very cute pup!



In case you missed Sunday’s post… our Bucket Fund charity for April is the Nurse Mare foals from DETC.  You can click here to read their story.  And you can click here to donate!


This is Armstrong, a sick little nursemare foal. Please click to read about him and/or donate!

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!