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HMMMMM. Early Reports are saying that the Donkey Roping Event in Van Horn, TX has been cancelled… Were the people able to move the mountain on this one? …Holding my breath.

(Hubby made this for me when he heard that the event was probably cancelled…!)

In case you missed it, a few days ago I wrote about Donkey Roping (linked here)- and mentioned an upcoming Donkey Roping Championship event in Van Horn, TX…

If you have ever known a donkey, it will come as no surprise the level of cruelty involved with prodding and stretching such docile equines.

Donkey roping scars – the external kind…

Much to my surprise, the story blew around the internet like wildfire…  People started signing petitions (drawn up by very gifted and tenacious individuals) and many of you emailed the local paper, wrote to the city council, bombarded the lawmakers with discrepancies – basically, you guys fired tactful but forceful napalm all over Van Horn, TX.

And, right now, I’m hearing early reports that the even was cancelled!

I’m going to show you exactly what was sent to me so that we all are on the same page… This isn’t total confirmation, but it looks good.

The flyer that started it all…


FIRST, TWO OF THE LOVELY LETTERS written by members of Equi-Army-No Days Off who appear to be quite a force.  They rallied their troops and really gave it their all to suffocate the bad behavior via education.  They did a great job and I think they may be one of the entities that made a huge dent in the effort.  Please join their army if this letter moves you…

Dear Ms. Golden,
I write to respectfully request that the Van Horn Chamber of Commerce’s upcoming event featuring donkey roping be cancelled and that no more of these events be scheduled in the future.
I feel very strongly that the “sport” of donkey roping is cruel and abusive.  In our state of Alabama, there are laws prohibiting neglect and cruelty to animals.  I am assuming that Texas also has such laws on their books.  Donkey roping causes needless and horrific suffering to innocent creatures who are docile and must be prodded to run from the much larger men on horses and then must endure horrific torture of being roped and “stretched” during which donkeys are terrified and are physically abused sometimes breaking bones and leaving scars on their bodies and minds, if they survive.  This behavior is called bullying and teaches children that abusive bullying is acceptable when adults are laughing, appearing to enjoy the behaviors and accepting such behaviors.  When children witness such events, the lesson learned is that if you are big and can, it is alright to torment anything smaller and defenseless.  If I were a betting woman, I would bet on the good people of Van Horn to come up with much better, family oriented entertainment.
I respectfully ask that you show compassion and be an example of humane behavior that teaches our young folks that empathy for other living creatures is the more acceptable way of behaving.  You can set this better example by canceling Van Horn’s planned donkey roping event, and never allowing another donkey roping event in the future.
Yours sincerely,
Doris McQuiddy
Vice President
Equi-Army-No Days Off
face book: equi-army-ndo


Dear Ms. Malafronte,

Thank you so much for taking the high road and not going forward with the donkey roping event. I am sure the people of Van Horn have many ways to celebrate Texas without harming animals who helped build our country.

Just today there was an article published about a little donkey who saved an entire herd in the Colorado fire. The are brave little animals, but they are no match for men on horseback who try to run them down.

I knew the spirit of Texas would shine through.

Thank you again so much.


Woodway (Waco), TX – V. Pres., Equi-Army-ndo

SECOND, I received this email which appears to be from the City Administrator of the Town of Van Horn, TX

On Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 2:31 PM, Fran Malafronte <franmalafronte@vanhorntexas.org> wrote:
Preparing for the Future with respect for the Past.
Fran Malafronte
City Administrator
Town of Van Horn
T 432-283-2050
F 432-283-2839

THIRD, I received this email from another reader who forwarded a note she received:

From THE LOVE OF DONKEYS…”The sheriff’s office in Culbertson County, Texas, at 12:50 p.m. Mountain time today confirmed the donkey roping event on June 23 has been cancelled because of public input and the number of complaints received.”


I’m not sure what is really happening yet.

However, in any event, now would be a great time for everyone to be just as strong in their letter writing to THANK the city of Van Horn for what they did.

I think it would make great sense to bombard the city, once again, with letters/emails and outpouring of support for a job well done.

Larry Simpson, editor at The Van Horn Advocate: lsimpson@vanhornadvocate.com.

Fran Malafronte
City Administrator
Town of Van Horn :  franmalafronte@vanhorntexas.org


It appears that the forces behind this drive are now asking the donkey vendor to relinquish his herd of 45 roping donkeys to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue.  PVDR has agreed to care for them.

I, honestly, cannot imagine the donkey vendor giving away his donkeys.  I’m sure they would have to be bought… And, it is true, his herd could easily be created again.  The cycle would probably continue until this sport is shamed from existence.

However, if the group is successful in acquiring these donks from the vendor, I will create a Bucket Fund to help get them to their new home and Sanctuary at PVDR.


Wow.  You all are incredible!!

And for all of you nay-sayers… even if the event has just moved and will rise again…  Consider this a victory and let this moment buoy you when you feel so sad about other equine happenings.

We can make a difference ~ and today, I think we did.

You all totally rock! – Norma Jean the Donkey.

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