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BAD NEWS – THIS JUST IN!  Colitis has struck! One Junkyard horse passed and two are very, very ill! 

The JUNKYARD 4 (rescued from a horrible junkyard), our Bucket Fund horses for March (story linked here), have had a major setback and things are not looking good!

Sadly for Indy – one of the 4 other junkyard horses rescued at the same time (there were a total of 8 horses in the junkyard who were rescued) who seemed to be OK, passed today.   Every possible treatment was given to him last night and people were with him throughout the night.  But, his gut just couldn’t adjust and he contracted colitis – either the bad water or the starvation.

And, horribly for BHFER (the Rescue managing them and caring for them), our ‘Little Red’ Junkyard mini gelding AND the adorable mini Junkyard baby ‘Tucker’ are exhibiting the SAME SYMPTOMS as Indy before he passed.

The vet has already arrived and is doing everything he can.

These horses will be watched non-stop and every possible treatment and medicine will be administered.   Colitis is a very tough battle!  With the wormy and starved pregnant mini mare about to foal, Indy’s treatment and failure as well as little Red’s and Tiny Tucker’s emergencies today and tonight, BHFER really needs our support!!!  Please help, if you can!

Please, if you can, donate to the Bucket Fund to help the remaining JUNKYARD 4 including LITTLE RED and BABY TUCKER who are very sick right now!!!  They sure need support and prayers.

(Click here to donate)

This is Indy when he was still in the Junkyard...

Heartbreaking image of Theresa from BHFER, kissing Indy 'Farewell' as he passed early in the evening.

This was their water source in the junkyard!

Now Little Red is exhibiting the same symptoms and the vet is already doing all he can...

And sweet baby mini Tucker is also sick! THIS IS AWFUL!

The vets and BHFER are doing everything they can.  They are administering every drug possible and every remedy or helpful idea – but we can only wait.  Colitis is a very bad, bad disease.
Please, if you can, either pray or donate to help our Bucket Fund horses!  The emergency vet bills are enormous and the fight is not over!

Our Bucket Fund horses are in crisis!  Click here to donate!

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