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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Let’s do some shopping!

Sunday, February 6th, 2011 | Filed under Musings

I started out today looking for something online to purchase for Hubby for Valentine’s Day. After about an hour of frustration – due to Hubby’s hobbies being quite expensive – I got kinda sidetracked… I made a few JibJab cards (Ice skating and Fromance), messed around on the Internet and finally gave up and did the unthinkable.  Gift Card.   I resorted to a Gift Card from one of his favorite places.  Bad me.

The good news is that along the way towards the boring Gift Card purchase, I stumbled upon several Valentine’s gifts that I’d like.  And, I figured I would share them with you because I bet a few of you might like them as well.  If you are lucky, you can give your sweetie (or yourself) a not-so-subtle hint.

GIFTS, IN NO SPECIAL ORDER (no affiliation)

1)  Gusterman Sisters Jewelry

I had never heard of these Swedish sisters before.  Had you?  I fell upon them because they are represented at Sorrel Sky Gallery which I looked up because of an ad in Cowboys and Indians Magazine.  Anyway, I liked this jewelry better than the jewelry I had gone there originally to see.

For me, I liked this particular design because it looks organic yet sophisticated.  It is something I’ve never seen before (Yay!) and I think it would look great on my right hand middle finger (a not so subtle hint of my own if Hubby is reading…).

They also had unique earrings so I put them in here as well.  Here is the link.

This one was my favorite.

This could be a very unique wedding band - or any finger - very cool!

Unique earrings

Smaller unique earrings!

2)  Mice shaped Chocolates

I wasn’t sure if this was cute or odd.  I mean, Ratatouille was my favorite movie for a long time…  And, biting into a tiny white mouse could be disturbing.  Then again, if the chocolate is as good as they say it is – well, I’m sure I’d get over the shape…

You can get just one mouse to give as a gift.  Or, you can get a whole barn full of mice.  Yup, they make a wood box that houses the mice so it feels more Westerny.  I think all of the wrapping is nice.  So, there’s that, too.  Oh, and you can also order chocolate penguins.

For me, I would have made a barn cat to go with the barn mice.  If you added hay into the barn box and put the mice in the hay and the cat on top of the hay it would be more complete for me…

Anyway, here is the link and you can see what they have that might float yur boat.

Single mouse.

I wonder if the tail is edible?

These can come in a wooden "barn" box

3)  Cool Dog Collars

OK, well, I love my dogs almost as much as I love my Hubby.  Unfortunately, they are Mastiffs and other bigguns that have necks the size if buildings.  Consequently, I can never find unique collars for them.  Sigh.

When I saw these, I was sad that I couldn’t decorate my lovlies with gems and exotic (replica) skins.

I liked several of these but I’ll only list a few here.  They said if you called them, they could do a special design of your choosing.

Here is a link!

I liked this one the best.

Maybe I like this one the best...

Or maybe this one... there are so many to choose from!

4) Saddle Ring

I’m not sure if I would wear this ring, but I was fascinated by it.  It is so huge!  Maybe my pony could wear it when I’m not…  Anyway, I am listing it here so you can marvel over it as well.

Here is a link to the ring and you also might like looking around on this site…

Wow. I don't know whether to wear this or throw it over my pony!

5) Cowboy Boot Bracelets

OK, well, if your boots don’t jingle jangle enough, or if they don’t feel quite complete or maybe if you just like to add instead of subtract, you might like these boot bracelets.

Yup, who says your boots can’t express themselves even more!  Go all out and buy several that may match your purses or blouses.  Personally, I don’t wear Cowboy boots because they never, ever feel right on my feet.  However, I might try a pair if I could get these folks to make a noisy boot bracelet.  I love the sweet melody of jingle jangle.  It is kinda like stepping into the world of Jesse James or Wyatt Earp at the OK Corral…  Spurs tinkling along the boardwalks.

Then again, if I was a quick-draw person or an outlaw or a lawman, I probably wouldn’t want jinglejangly boot bracelets.  But I’m not, so I do…

Here is the link.  There are several pages devoted to boot bracelets so make sure to look at the left-hand side bar of the linked page to see them all!

There were so many on the site, I just chose this one...

6)  Sweet Bird Studio Anything.

OK, well, I love her stuff.  Any and all of it.  Finn has one of her “Bless this Horse” tags on his saddle.  I love watching it as we ride…

Bags:  Anyway, today I’m enamored with the purses and bags.  Actually, it isn’t the bag or the purses that impress me.  It is the decorations.  I love the imagery and the short, simple, life verses.  I’ve listed a few of them here.  But, there are many, many more!   Here is the link to check them out.

Here is an example of the bags... Viva la Vida

Nature is my Church.

A variation...

In Riding a Horse We Borrow Freedom... mmmmmm

This is the bag...

And this is the detail... She has so many! Go to the site!

Wherever you go, there you are... with St.Christopher in the middle!

The Grass is Always Greener...

Rings: I’m also quite taken with a few of her rings.  I have rather small fingers so I am afraid these rings might make me look like I’m wearing sterling knuckles, but I like them anyway.  I picked one I liked the best but there are many more on her site.  Here is that link.


7) Skode’s Horse Cookies

Since  I love my horses and always like to share gifts and holidays with them (I don’t think they feel left out but I like the excuse to fawn over them…)  – but I want them to eat healthy stuff – I’m delighted that Skode’s is having a sale on on their famous Ultra-Low Sugar/Starch Carrot Snips Cookies!  You get 66-70 cookies for $16.50! I could give each of my 11 Sweethearts 6 cookies apiece!

Or, I could give them each 1 cookie and save the rest to spread over a week.  I’m not too good at holding back treats because they nicker at me and I’m done for…  I guess you don’t have to wonder why Norma is a bit portly…

Anyway, my horses and dogs looooove Skode’s cookies so I’m delighted to let you know that she is having a sale!  Click here for the sale.

Skode's. My horses and dogs have tried 5 flavors so far and they went nuts over all of them! And, I don't have to feel quilty - all great ingredients!

Thanks for following me on my present journey!  I hope you enjoyed some of my picks!

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