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It’s Friday… Let’s kick back and read a magazine together!

Friday, September 9th, 2011 | Filed under Musings

D’dja ever sit and read a magazine and wish someone was there to chat about stuff you were reading/seeing?

Me, too.

Today, for example, I was flipping through COWBOYS & INDIANS when a few thoughts crossed my mind.  All of my musings went unanswered.

So, I thought I’d take you along with me and see if you agree, disagree or have comment.



There are always several ads for elaborate and fancy boots in this magazine.

Just one of the many boot ads...

Here is my question:

If you always wear your pants OVER your boots, then what does it matter what the tops look like?

This greatly confuses me.

I mean, I’m sure these boots are very, very expensive.  And, they aren’t especially expensive for the bottom part – although I am sure those components are quality.  I’m guessing the expense comes in the design and execution of the uppers.

Don’t get me wrong… I love checking out all the incredible designs.  But, who ever sees them unless you go wading? And what girl likes to see a guy’s pants leg rolled up?  I know only Supermodels like to tuck their pants legs into boots.   Not us stubby-legged girls.  Uh Uh.  Nope…

I guess fancily decorated boots could work with skirts but wouldn’t the pattern of the boot clash with the pattern of the skirt?  Dunno.

I guess bootiliciouses are especially good for those who make purses out of them…

All in all, the upper design motif seems kinda off, if you ask me.  Why don’t they put all the design into the top of the foot part?  Or the heels?  Now that I’d like to see!



I have tried this kind of thing many times before…

On me, not so much...

You see, I get enamored over some ingenious fashion concept (like using blanket material for a jacaket) that I see in a magazine and I find myself dreaming of wearing said items.

Then, I see one of these dreamy items in a store and I excitedly put it on…

It ALWAYS looks better on the model.

For example this jacket…  On her, it looks like a really cute wrap as she strolls on the grass looking like a dream.

If I put that on, I’d look like I was wearing a blanket.  Maybe a saddle pad…  I’m sure it would look huge and tentlike draping over me.  The belt would cut into my ribs and I’m not confident what the blue scarf thing is coming from her chest – but I KNOW that I would look like either a pirate who is hiding under a blanket or perhaps Prince in his Native American phase.




When I saw this ad, I stopped in my tracks.

What I saw in the magazine

What pretty tickets!

I felt like I wanted some just because they looked good together.  I might even buy one strictly on the color – no matter the events of that day.

My favorite was the green or the red.  If there was a scalper selling those outside of the venue, I’d snatch up the green/red one as fast as I could – and find myself attending whatever showcase and being happy as I wave my pretty ticket to the crowd.

Actually, I thought the marketing was ingenious.  Not only is it striking in an ad, but the ticket takers don’t have to think much when gathering them at the door.  As long as they can remember which color is up for that day, they are good to go!

What I saw online...

However, I must say that the pink looks very girly so maybe it is barrel racing that night…  So with that thought, I ventured back to the NFR website to check out the schedule for #1 (pink).

Gasp!  The photo of the tickets on the website are very different than what I saw in the magazine!  I guess they use the compelling, eye-candy colored tickets for the magazine and use the manly colors for the actual tickets?  Dunno but I do know that I bit the hook when I saw those colors in the magazine…



I admit it.  I ooooh and ahhhhh over the beautiful barns and homes depicted in this magazine.

For example, in this spread for this very nice home, I noticed the barn aisleway.



I saw this photo and I immediately put myself into the image… walking my steeds up and down the soft and smooth aisle.  I dreamily imagined sitting comfortably in my leather chair outside in the fresh, bugless air… I’d view all my perfectly hung spiderless light fixtures outside the accurately leveled stall doors that slide with ease.  Not far away would be the lounge, powder room and wash rack, all fit to eat from the floors.

(Deep intake of breath…)

I like those kinds of daydreams.



Great expressions!

This photo cracked me up!

It is an ad for the TRAILING OF THE SHEEP FESTIVAL in Ketchum and Hailey, Idaho Oct 7-9.

Of course this photo is priceless for the expressions on the faces of the girls.  That is EXACTLY how I look when I see those maniacs with the sheers at sheering competitions.  Gasp!  How do they not take off a leg with that speed?!

I kinda wonder why the one girl has no shoes around those giant scissors… but whatever.

The photo was compelling enough for me to go to the website and check it out.



Kinda blurry but they looked great in the magazine!

I love this idea of boot chaps.

I know that I constantly get burrs and stickers in my riding tights.  I hate that!  So, I often wear half chaps.

My half chaps are ugly.  They are beaten within an inch of their lives and their velcro hardly works anymore.  In fact, they stand by themselves in my trailer – I don’t even bring them into the house.

But, I’m too cheap to buy a new pair until these break… OR, until I could buy something like what I saw in this photo!

Fashion for the lower leg!  I like it!

However, when I went to the website to see a bigger photos of these particular boot chaps, or more like it, I found the Gallery to be limited. Bummer.  I like pictures…



She looks terrific!

Do you remember that sketch on the Carol Burnett show where she comes down the circular staircase of Tara dressed as Scarlett O’Hara – and she’s wearing actual curtains?

Yup.  That is exactly how I would look if I was to wear this coat.

Sure, it looks incredible on this model.  But here again, if I put this on, I’d look like I was wearing the dining room window coverings.

I never learn…   I want to be able to wear these long coats so badly that I routinely find myself trying on dusters with fabulous patterns – and then feeling humbled by the sniggers in the background.

I am too short for these coats but I love them.



These kinds of ads always intrigue me.

With the horse market so slow and dismal, it is amazing to me that these trained horses are able to be sold at high enough prices that the trainer can advertise in this magazine!

Ready to go, matched to you trail horses!

I’m not saying that these horses aren’t worth their price, I’m just commenting that some horse selling businesses are still doing well in this economy.

For me, this ad was worth the click to review the website.  What do they have that other horse sellers don’t?

Well, the website is very busy.  This guys does a lot!  You can purchase round pens and gear, take classes, get videos… and buy finished riding horses.

Some of the sale horses

Of course I clicked to see the available riding horses.  There were several.  Many ‘sold’ already and some with ‘sale pending’.  Most of the descriptions said to ‘call them for price’ but the range was between $15,000 and $30,000.  There were also testimonials from happy customers.

When you think about it… finding a great trail horse is very difficult.  First you have to find one with the right demeanor, with good conformation, healthy and in shape, then purchase it and if it isn’t totally trained, you have to put lots of miles onto him or send him to a trainer…  or you could buy from Wil, especially since these horses come with guarantees.  They say they will match the rider needs with the horse.   They even offer a “Dream Package” for  customers.

Part of me would jump at the chance of finding my perfect Aladdin replacement.   Is that possible at Wil Howe Ranch?  could they really have the perfect horse for me?

Would be nice.  I kinda doubt it… but if they flew me out there, I might take a peek…!  ;)



Why does ‘buffalo leather’ make me sad?

This is the ad I saw...

I don’t seem to mind sitting on my cow leather couch… I don’t mind having deer leather gloves… so what is my upset over buffalo leather?

I guess I see them as big, lumbering Icons of Western life who were hunted to almost extinction by man.

However, just because buffalo were almost extinct – whereas deer and cattle are abundant – doesn’t make the pain of dying any easier.  So I do not understand how come I have two views on the issue.

Truly, buffalo (and cattle, for that matter) aren’t being slaughtered for their hide.  They are slaughtered for the meat and the hide is a by-product.

This is the creedo of the website– to not let any buffalo die without using all parts, including the hide.

From the buffalo leather website...

To me, that might be a marketing ploy to get us to feel OK about buffalo leather.  Or,  maybe that is why they started selling the leather they had left over from their buffalo meat business.  Dunno.

But, whatever… it still bothers me.

Aside from all of the debate, I have to say that I think buffalo leather is very pretty.  I wonder how it feels?  I guess if they are making couches out of it instead of say… underwear or gloves – it must be fairly tough.

In the end, I guess I’m just a softy at heart. I have met several buffalo and they impressed me as huge yet gentle beings (I know that many people have had misadventures with buffalo, too…).

Still makes me sad…


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