Photos attached:
1) Comps as her foot grew out from coffin bone surgery Feb 2014
2) right front most recent Xray comp
3) Left after coffin bone surgery
4) Right – suspect infection
5) left front most recent comp.

6)  taken 12/31 after trim – LEFT  (stained by Purple Mush)  Underside is normal, topside is split down the center but growing out.  *Note how much the lumpiness has grown down from today’s trim

7)  Taken today after trim left.

8)  Left before the trim

9)  Right before the trim  (the hole we carved out under now communicates with this lumpy topside area.


early comp of foot before growout

LEFT After coffin bone surgery, and 5 months after coffin bone surgery

tess left coffin surgery

right latest Xrays comp

tess right suspect infection

left lastest Xray comp (after surgery)

tess right comps


tess left comps

left latest Xray comp

12/31/14 Left foot after trim

feb 2 left before trim

2/2/15 left foot before trim

12/31/14 Right front before trim

12/31/14 Right front before trim


2/2/15 right front before trim


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