Wrigley Chronicles Part 3… Jealous Gelding.

So yesterday I told you about Rojo’s training in THE RED HORSE DIARIES, #1 linked here.

What I didn’t tell you about was the other red horse who was banging jealously at the arena gate during the entire Rojo lesson.

Yup.  It was Wrigley.

Wrigley (he’s also red) was beside himself with jealousy that I had another horse in the arena for a training session.  Unfortunately, Wrigley’s pasture butts up against the arena.

Bang.  Bangbangbangitybangbang.  Bang.  Scrraaaapbang.  Jinglejinglerattlerattlebang…

It was so DISTRACTING for Rojo and me.  Ahhhhhhgh!  I wanted to scream!

So I yelled, “Hey Wrig, QUIT.


Me (growing horns):  Ohhhhh, is someone jealous?

Wrig:  NO.  I’m not jealous.  But, who is that and why are you doing stuff with him?!

Me (seeing an opportunity):  Ah. Well, you haven’t been perfect so you’ve been replaced.

Wrig (visibly upset by my insensitive remark):  What?  Aren’t I your baby?  Don’t I matter?

Me:  Nope.  Humans suck that way.


Wrig:  Say it isn’t so!!  What do I need to do?  I’ll do anything to be your favorite again.  Puleeeze…

Me:  OK, well maybe.

Wrig:  I’ll do anything!

Me:  Anything?

Wrig (whimpering a little):  Yes.  Anything.

Me:  OK.  You need to pay extreme attention to me during our next lesson.  OK?

Wrig (standing upright and straight): OK!

Me:  No wavering.  Extreme Attention.

Wrig.  NO WAVERING.  I promise.  Extreme Attention.  You got  it.

Wrigley: I'll do anything! Train ME! Train ME!



OK, so actually, none of that conversation took place except the banging part.

Of course I love him and would never shame him or make him feel like less of a horse.

But, I gotta tell you… something happened.

Something happened between two days ago and today (which would logically be the day in between those days which was yesterday – when I trained Rojo-) made Wrigley a new gelding today.


Of all the things he knew, he did them all exactly perfectly.

In fact, he was so good, I kept forgetting to use my camera because there was no lollygag time.


When I did take photos, he looked exactly the same.


Whatever you say, Boss, I'm ready!


Yup, ready here, too! Whatever you say... Your wish is my command!


OK, we're leaving the arena, that's fine with me!


I got my eyes right on ya... extreme attention for sure!


I'm still right here with you! Not bored at all!



I don’t know… but I think sibling rivalry is playing a big part here.

The entire time I was training Rojo yesterday, Wrigley watched and banged.

Either he was taking good notes and learned it all for himself…. or

He was upset and wanted me to prefer him instead of the other red horse.


Whatever… it is ALL good as far as I’m concerned.

Now my huge 3-year old short attention span theater gangly Morgan park gelding is present and ready for duty, SIR!


I’ll make sure Wrigley is watching tomorrow when I work Rojo.

Mama’s gotta use what she’s got…  <wink>


Hee Hee.


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. Anita

    Awe! He was so cute just standing there looking at you all the time!

  2. sharon

    Wrig is brilliant! I am still laughing : )))))) but not at all surprised.

  3. RiderWriter

    Hahahaha! That clever little guy. It’s funny, I also experienced a horse behaving completely different from normal when she saw another horse doing something “interesting.” I was riding this extremely stubborn, extremely mareish TB who had the worst attitude of any horse I’ve ever ridden. When she did not want to do something – like TROT, some days – she WOULD NOT. Personally I think she was miserable and just hated being a H/J horse, but she wasn’t mine and I was made to take lessons on her (oh well, it was character-building). Anyway, one day someone was ponying a baby in the same arena where we were riding. Polly thought this was utterly fascinating: she kept her ears pricked, her eye on that duo, and positively whizzed around the arena (normally it was leg, leg, leg, LEG to get her to do anything faster than a painfully slow crawl). I laughed so much about it and asked if someone could pony a horse every time I had to ride her… my thighs would surely have thanked me. So I guess Rojo is a good influence on Wrigley!

  4. Kitty Bo

    Now we will follow The Other Red Horse Diaries. It is funny how suddenly, horses will get it. I really enjoyed reading this, even got a few goose bumps.

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