Yummy Half Chaps.


My half chaps are pitiful.

I’ve been wearing them for… ever, really.  In fact, it is a good thing that I often ride alone or I’d be embarrassed a lot.

The thing is, I know my half chaps are pitiful yet I don’t bother to buy any ready-mades because I have the lower leg of a muscular oompa-loompa.  No matter what size I purchase, it won’t fit either around or in length.

If I get a pair that fits around, they are dragging on the ground.  If I get a pair that doesn’t drag on the ground, the velcro keeps popping.

Zippers?  Faggedabouddit.

So, long ago I gave up on nice half chaps and settled on this pair that I have beat into the dust, literally.  And, sadly, they don’t really fit in either direction.  I think I compromised with myself and got the raw end of the deal.  This pair is neither wide enough nor short enough. So, they continually pop the velcro and drag on the ground.

Like I said, pitiful.


My pitiful half chaps.


Luckily, a reader sent me a link to this website.  It is called Pinnell Custom Leather.

They have many unique, handmade leather goods… but what caught my eye was the Half Chap section.

Ooohhh la lah!

You see, I’m an English tack wearing rider who has some crossover into Endurance ‘comfy, keenly-engineered’ stuff.  But, honestly, I drool over great Western design.  If I could sit in a high-ceilinged, post and beam lodge near a crackling fire, with great art, fabulous Western design furniture, good lighting  and tack all around for my amusement, I’d be grinning like a fool!

So, I present to you my favorites out of the Pinnell Custom Leather Half Chap gallery…



Somewhat traditional...

Traditional, kinda, with Swagger Tab... I don't know what it is but it sounds fun!

OK, slightly gearing away from traditional and moving into two tone with monogram and creative stiching.

Now bucking the system with clearly a Western accent...

Oh yeah, here we go... beautiful integration of Western and English

Forget the pretense, We have fringe and ostrich with English leather and logo

Aw, to heck with it! Here is a Western design to rival any boot, with the taper of English - oh and turquoise stones! (I love the seashells... how does that fit in?)

Or, you can pull back from the turquoise and go for a more moderate lapis stone...



It was really a toss up between a few pair listed above... but this one ultimately won for me. I loooove the soft English leather and the juxtaposion of fringe/silver.

I have no idea on cost for any of these but if you want to know… just contact them on their website linked here.




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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. DM

    Its too bad that no one has yet designed a line of Western half chaps, that fit well wearing Wranglers & thicker styles of boots. Also, most of the people I know, (myself included), who wear chaps the most are working western buckaroos. Imagine, having a beautiful pair of well-made or custom half chaps on while riding out at dawn on a 100 degree day , that’ll end when its dark out.
    In this area most wear chinks, which is a slightly cooler version of a pair of full chaps, but the leather has to be thicker for the riding conditions. BTW- Most working cattle ranchers, etc., have or make good money, that is often spent on gear & tack.
    We once owned a custom bit & spur shop, but I was surprised by the fact that our most expensive custom work was not done for show enthusiasts, but for other ranchers, ropers, or working riders.

  2. RiderWriter

    Oooh… VERY yummy half-chaps! I myself would “like” a new pair as well, even though there’s nothing wrong with the ones I’ve got (not worn out, fit well, they’re just not fashionable). I have long thighs but Mother Nature kind of ran out of gas on the calves, because they’re shortish, and my shins are so skinny someone asked me once if I’d had rickets as a child (she was someone I detested anyway, and she herself had a ghastly pair of “cankles,” so I’m pretty sure it was jealousy talking ;-). I had good luck with the Riding Sport brand from Dover, ordering Short Xtra-Small. But they’re homely. Unfortunately, I have a feeling these gorgeous custom jobs here are prolly about $500, ergo WAY out of my price range. You go have fun, tho – I think they’d look smashing!

  3. barbara

    I love the blue lapis flowers, the green buckstitch and the concho fringe one. I would be stopping around in those like a little girl with a new set of fringe boots.

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