Tom Hill, Horseshoe Sculptor.

I thought some art would be nice on a Sunday!

A reader sent me a few images of an artist from the UK named Tom Hill.

He uses horse shoes for sculture!

I think creating art out of horseshoes apprears easier than it really is… Have you ever tried to make anything other than bridle hooks and candle holders out of horseshoes?   They don’t bend easily.

Sure, we have zillions used ones around… but they’re dirty and hard as, well, steel.

So, I was intrigued to find out more about him.

From his bird collection



He must be a man of few words or maybe he has no publicist.  I don’t know… but gathering information about him was like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The only way I knew he was from the UK was because we don’t have castles here.  (I did find that a Lord from a castle had commissioned a piece from Hill.)

Another clue to his whereabouts came via a comment about most of his work being sold in the UK.

Finally, after using my best sleuthing, I found his website.  It wasn’t intuitive.  And, obviously he had switched from his former – very inutitive – website name to a somewhat obscure URL.

Horseshoes don't bend...



I thought I had hit the jackpot when I found his website.  But, no… All is said was what every other article said.  Here it is:

“Tom Hill is a 26 year-old self-taught sculptor who for the last 3 years has been working with recycled horseshoes to create life-size animal sculptures. Tom utilises a gas forge, anvil and hammer as well as various welding techniques to heat and shape the horseshoes to create his sculptures.

Tom has created a wide range of sculptures such as hedgehogs, squirrels, ducks, herons, swans, pigs, hares, badgers, dogs, lions, cheetahs, stags, camels, horses and elephants, all of which are life size.

During May 2006 Tom exhibited at the Living Crafts at Hatfield House from which he received many orders and commissions including one from Lady Salisbury (from Hatfield House) for two life sized elephants for her husband’s birthday. These were delivered in September 2006 and are now on display with their new baby elephant in their private garden at Hatfield House. They were featured on BBC London News, Three Counties Radio and in the local newspaper.

To date much of Tom’s work has been sold in England with some pieces going to Italy and Ireland. Tom also has plans to create some sculptures using stainless and has started a small amount of work with copper.

Tom has an ambition to create a 30ft rearing horse made from horseshoes, but he is just looking for the right place for it to be exhibited.


So without any more info, let’s just show the art!

Before the stuffing


After the stuffing




This would be fun and indestructible in the barn!


Or this in the yard...


The elephan commission


Getting it there...


Some detail


A good choice for the horseshoe application


Fun outdoor installation




Ha! I see his inspiration!


This is the only image of the artist that I found



Contact Tewin Hill Farm
Workshop 01437 717336
Mobile 07886 928789



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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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  1. dawndi Post author

    YOU WROTE to the blogger, not the artist. I went back to that post and found Tom’s contact info: CONTACT INFO for Tom Hill

    Contact Tewin Hill Farm
    AL6 0LL
    Workshop 01437 717336
    Mobile 07886 928789


  2. Stephen McElwee

    I love Tom’s horseshoe Sculpted but I can’t figure the price of the Black Lab sitting what this cost is £650 ,Is that 650.00 or something else, Thanks Steve

  3. Keith

    That was funny to hear all hoops you jumped through to find this info. Even with the Internet some things still aren’t easy to find!

  4. Laura Carey

    I was searching for an artist who could make some type of sculpture out of a pair and a set of horseshoes I have from horses I had long ago. I came across your web-site. Not in my price point, but some of the most beautiful work I have seen. It is amazing how you captured the spirit and animation with such rigid inanimate objects. Really breathtaking!! Thanks for the visual candy.

  5. GBH

    There is an email going around which has a series of your works entitled and this one and another Plus a series of images or your work called “Recled Horse Shoes ” Horseshoe Sculptor.
    The city of Saskatoon would like to purchase some of your works.
    Karen Farmer
    City of Saskatoon
    Saskatoon SK.
    For more information about the City of Saskatoon go to:

  6. Peggy Shy

    I love the horses, especially the running horse. I have two horses and would love to have one of these sculptures at my barn but it would probably be to expensive as I live in the US. Keep up the fantastic work and if you ever come to America to show your work or otherwise, you would be welcome to stay at my house, in Virginia.

  7. wendy zacharias

    I would love to know if i can purchase a labrador retriever sculpture???

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