Talk about recycling!! A horse made from TIRES!

You all know that I am amazed by artistic talents.  Floored.  How do people think this stuff up?  I can barely think about what I have to do in a day – let alone figure out how to make a horse out of TIRES!

But, some people are just wired that way.  Creative types (I’m smiling as I write this).

So I saw this photo of Blake McFarland and his horse sculpture made from tire parts.


Hmmmm, I thought… that is very interesting, I wonder what else he has done…

So, I found the Blake McFarland website.  And this is what I saw:


           Recycled materials artist Blake McFarland uses recycled rubber tires to create amazing life-like sculptures of tire animals. Each Sculpture uses strategically placed tires which are woven and secured, creating amazing muscle-like definition of the animals. Each recycled  tire sculpture takes around one month to complete and has amazingly detailed features. Blake McFarland loves being able to be eco-friendly by using 100% recycled tires to make his distinctive tire sculpture art. To see the animals in person is a true visual experience but until then check them out on the tire sculptures page.

               Blake Also uses 100% recycled natural wine corks to create mural pictures of amazingly detailed pictures or words. Blake uses between 200  to 4,000 wine corks in each of Picture. They have a very natural and sophisticated feel to them that look great in any setting.

              Blake began his art career painting ocean scenery with acrylics. After a couple of years he longed for something more unique.  Blake combined one of his passions, surfing, with art by painting local Bay Area scenes on surfboards.  To expand his artistic resume he also crafted aged wine barrels into wine and glass racks. Inspired by the current “green movement”, it was not until 2013 he finally found his calling in tire sculptures. These tire sculptures are by far the most detailed oriented and fondest art pieces he has ever created. It takes over a month to create one sculpture due to the amount of detail put into each piece. Blake loves the fact that tire sculpture art is not only visually appealing, but also eco-friendly. Each tire is 100% recycled and would be sitting in a landfill if not for this specific art. Blake portrays the animal’s muscle structure and fur using tires with different treads and widths. It is safe to say that Blake has finally found his niche in art, one in which he is extremely passionate about and is looking forward to what the future brings.


Yup, in his spare time, Blake McFarland is a major league pitcher!!  That’s baseball…

From the website:

               Blake was born and raised in beautiful San Jose, CA and is proud to have his art showcased in a local settings. Blake excelled in athletics during high school. Blake received a scholarship to San Jose State University for baseball where he was named Rookie of the Year and First Team all WAC conference pitcher. Blake graduated from college in 2011 with a degree in Psychology, achieved many athletic accolades and was on the presidents honor roll.   In June of 2011 Blake began his professional baseball career with the Toronto Blue Jays

organization as a pitcher. In 2013 he was named a Mid-Season All-Star in the High A affiliate for the Blue Jays in Dunedin Florida. In 2014 Blake posted a 2.89 ERA between High A and Double A in New Hampshire. During the Fall in 2014 Blake did not allow a single run in the highly competitive Arizona Fall League. Blake was added to the Blue Jays 40 man roster following his outstanding 2015 season. Artwise, Blake was named “Artist of the Week” by Gallery 85 in 2013. In 2014 his Cougar sculpture won best in show at the Pal Alto Art League competition. Blake had his most recent artwork featured on the national stage at the 2017 Goodyear Cotton Bowl. Blake’s artwork has been showcased in many art galleries around California and various online galleries as well. Blake is currently still playing for the Toronto Blue Jays organization and during his off season devotes an abundance of his time into being the best artist he can be. Blake currently resides in San Jose with his wife Jessica, where he enjoys being with family and friends, surfing, training for baseball, and pursuing his artistic future in tire sculpture.


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