Some MOTHER’S DAY ideas… Jim Brandvik, Wrangler Weekend, Sweetbird Studio and Equine Books!

Mother’s Day is coming up…

My mother is a tough sell.  She either has everything or has had everything and she definitely doesn’t want anything… except I know she does.  I just don’t know what it is.

So, in honor of all of you who are in the same predicament (but have an equine inclined mother…) here are a few ideas.

Or, if you just want to treat yourself – maybe slip this under your Hubby’s pillow – here are some fun items!


I wrote about Jim Brandvik before.  Since then, he has quite expanded his jewelry side of things.

Engraved Spurs...


Jim is famous for engraving horse shoes as gifts.  My favorite application is taking ‘final’ shoes and creating a memorial for a fallen horse…

Anyway, he also makes jewelry (bracelets, rings, pendants…) in varying price ranges – a plus!

My new favorite is the Brand Ring.  You can have your brand, or any brand, put on the ring.  Men and Women sizes.  So maybe even a good gift for Father’s Day!

I’ve enclosed some pics and each one will click to his website so you can get more detail.

Cattle Brand Ring... You can have any brand! Good for Father's Day, too! ($395)

This copper Cowgirl cuff is $275

Heart and Scroll pendant made from a horseshoe nail only $49!


AVAILABLE NOW link! click image to see what is in stock now!



Of course, my favorite ditty for the horses or dogs are these charms from Sweetbird Studio!  You can put them on bridles, saddles or collars… Love ’em.

Go to this link to see an assortment!

Click to go to the dog charm page...


And my other fav, the horse jewelry (for your horse…)!

Click image to go to the website



One of the best times of my horsey life was when I went to a Wrangler weekend at V-6 Ranch.

I noted that they are having a special for double occupancy.  So, bring a girlfriend or your favorite guy and take advantage of the Dude Ranch Weekend Getaway Specials!  Click the image to go to the webpage.

Click image to read more!



Horse books are a great gift!  I love beautiful coffee table book or instructional manuals.  This website has an array of equine literature and many are on sale!  They even have a Mother’s Day Gift Guide!  Click here.

Click image to see the Mother's Day Gift Guide!


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!

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