Remember when I told you about the artist who will do a mini drawing of your pet for $50 and they are amazing?! Well here is one commissioned by a reader. Thank you, artist Annalise Carlacci!

A while back, I told you about the artist, Annalise Carlacci, who does amazing mini drawings for $50 (including shipping!).  Here is that post.

Well… one of you readers commissioned Annalise to draw her horse from a photo.  These are her exact words:

I love it! I’ll have to frame it once it arrives. It was mailed out to me this morning, but she sent me a photo of it. I sent the photo to her 9 days ago. Pretty quick turnaround.

Here is the original photo.

And here is the mini drawing!

Awesome! drawn and sent for $50! Too cute!  I love the hook in the ear!

To contact ANNALISE CARLACCI, click here 

I think this is the best sentimental gift, idea out there – at an incredible price!!

She really captures the nuances!

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