Ohmygossh! LOOK at these amazing pieces made out of old wine casks!

So I was invited to sell Horse and Man Jewelry at the Paso Robles Wine Festival last month!

I was incredibly honored because there were only 6 vendors (people not selling wine) allowed – and we were one of them!

Today, I’d like to share one of the other vendors who was invited to sell at Wine Fest this year:  ELLIS CHARM AND DESIGN.  I don’t know anything about them except that all of their designs are created out of wine casks.


As we were setting up, I saw them (ELLIS CHARM AND DESIGN) bringing in this trailer full of really fun wood sculptures and objects.  I kept getting distracted, watching what new, wonderful thing they were pulling out to display.  I couldn’t stand it!  All this wood and metal in reds and browns – MY FAVORITE – I had to go over, even before my booth was set.   So, I ran over.

I saw this wall hanging and said to them, “I WANT THAT!”  Here is a pic.  You can see it is made out of stained wine barrel wood and the metal stays that keep the barrels tight.

Made from retired wine casks.


…because we were all too busy, dang!  I found their FB page and grabbed these photos to share…

So first off, this is a used and discarded wine cask:


I DON’T KNOW EXACT PRICES OR ANYTHING ABOUT THE PEOPLE… but I think it is very affordable and clever!

There were two artist/owners.  But, I don’t know who made what.

This was their booth from a different show.  The one I saw was much larger and packed full!  I’m thinking they may have a back stock right now since the big Wine Fest just happened.  So call them ((310) 927-3343) or go to their FB page!

The booth at the Wine Fest was double the size of this one.

Here is their FB page. Click to go to it.

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