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  1. Marlene

    Got the haynet yesterday….Bruce will set it up today…in with our youngest stallion Max. He and his companion horse are our most active curlies on the farm…so it should get a good workout. He plans to hang it from a tree first. Max is not shod/none of our horses are…he is two yrs old. Then when the bale is finished [we will keep track of the days] Bruce will be putting the haynet into a round metal feeder with our sixteen horses in the back paddock…Thank for the opportunity to try this product out on trial. I will be in touch. hugs Marlene PS Could you please tell the customer service of this company that our farm name is NOT Triple T Farm…but is “Tall Trees Farm/Curlies” Thanks so much….

  2. Mary Donna Davis

    This is just beautiful a very talented person to do something like this

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