THE ‘UNDER HORSE’ PROJECT. You have to look at these. AMAZING! Please Share!

National Equine Resource Network had an amazing link yesterday… it was called, The “Under Horse Project” from Underlook.  Wow!

All I can think is thank goodness people have amazing imaginations with determination – and that they share those inspirations.


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Once I had a crazy idea to take a photo of a horse from underneath, today I have results from my most difficult photoshoot I have ever had. It all started with a project Under-cats. After it reach a high interest I decided to make a far bigger project. I looked for different examples of what was done on the internet and after no similar results I decided that I have to do it and be the first person to shoot a standing horse form underneath. As I started to organise the photoshoot of a horse I knew that all I needed is to get 600 kg horse on a glass, dig 3 meters in to the ground, put my camera under a big glass and take a shot. Even though it was the same concept as project “Under-Cats” it took two months to organise it all. I have found horse friendly environment and even made rubber horse shoes, to save the glass from scratching. If last time I needed help from one person, this time I had more than 40 persons crew to make this crazy project come to life, which I could not make without them. In the end we got these fascinating photographs that have never been created before. I wish you to get inspired and believe in your ideas, as my team believed in this project. Thanks to our sponsors: ARCLIGHT, Cyclopes, Creative And More, Avalyn?s, Galanterijos Taisykla – Aliaus Dirbtuv?s, FOTORENT/Fototechnikos nuoma, Image Rehab, Jojimo Prekes, ProCentras Fotolaboratorija, STORENT LIETUVA, UAB “Vitrum Domus”, UAB “Scenos Darbai”, Upartas, Valgykla “Žilva”. Special thanks to: Andrius Vaškevi?ius, Augustinas Žukovas, Dainora Kaš?tait?, Džiugas Jagminas, Egl? Karbauskait?, Elz? Hoogduijn, Gediminas Ryženinas, Gustas ?iuoderis, Ingrid Žiem, Jaroslav Petrulevi?, Justinas Žvigas Justy, Karolis Balcierius, Karolis Bingelis, Kristina Vildži?nait?, Linas Midveris, Lukas Šalna, Lukas Šniolis, Žentalis Lukas, Milda Vi?i?t?, Neringa Indriši?nait?, Norbe Daunoravi?ius, Rokas Baltušnikas, Romuald Jurgelevi?, Šar?n? Katinait?, Simona Enimenas Petraityt?, Titas Kaz, Vaiva Vainoriute, Vidas Midveris, Vilius Jurgelevi?ius, Žilvinas Žilinskas … and everybody who took a part in this project! Without you, it would have been impossible to make this project come to life. More projects: Backstage video: Bored Panda: Share, if you think it’s interesting ? ?


CLICK here to watch the video.

Click image to watch the video.


Here are some photos of the preparation from his FB page.

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  1. Steph King

    Not my favorite perspective of a horse… only seen when cleaning sheaths or falling awkwardly underneath a horse…. or both! It’s interesting, but not pretty. Really…. horses are so gorgeous when running, they are at their most photogenic then!

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