Some days, I just need my Teresa Elliott fix. Ohmygosh LOOK what she’s done now!

As you all know, I rave about Teresa Elliott, artist extraordinaire (imho).

Every now and then I need my ‘artist fix’ so I go to her page to drool.  Well, this time – as every time –  she did not disappoint.   So, without further ado, here are some of Teresa’s latest works.



Is this not awesome?!  Incredible.

This is as if a cow was sitting in an artist studio for a portrait.  Look at that lighting!

Oh gosh this is yummy!

Look at the detail!

Even more detail!

So much detail and lovely, lovely colors!

This one is older but a personal fav.

I swear, you could almost reach out and run your fingers through his hair!

Oh this would look so buttery in a lodge setting. I can see all the surrounding furniture…

I love the vantage point…

Another yummy, buttery masterpiece.

A favorite.

Could be my most fav cow, not sure.

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  1. Terry Elliot

    I have a picture that she painted of a young Longhorn that I bought in Alpine, Tx. I did not know that she is a very accomplished artist until I saw her featured in Southwest Art magazine.

  2. Terry

    I have a small painting of hers of a young longhorn that I bought in Alpine, Tx. I did not know that she was a very accomplished artist until is saw her work featured in a Southwest Art magazine, love her.

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