DO YOUR BOOTS NEED A FACELIFT? UP-CYCLED AND RESTYLED COWBOY BOOTS! Do you need to RENT an INCREDIBLE PAIR OF BOOTS FOR AN EVENT? Or, are you getting married and do you want all of your bridesmaids to wear the same boots – but not have to buy them?! WELL… Read about CANTY BOOTS! Boots, lifts (Boot Re-dos) and rentals!

I saw a spread in COWBOYS & INDIANS that featured a pair of boots that were so unusual, I ripped out the page.  You can see that I circled them to remind me to go back and check them out!

So I did.

This is the actual page that I ripped out of my magazine.  Those boots?!  What are they?!   I had to find out.  (Also note the necklace featured from our friends at SweetBird Studios!  Another fav…)

CANTY BOOTS – they do all kinds of things with recycled boots! (no affiliation)

And then when I looked up the company (Canty Boots Montana), it took me a few minutes to figure out exactly what they do…

They restyle… upstyle… boots that they find.

They restyle, upstyle YOUR boots, if you want.

They rent very high-end boots for your special occasion.

They rent several pair of boots for wedding parties.

Now, I love creative thinking and Canty Boots is thinking creatively!

OK, so, if you look closely, this line of Canty Boots have the tops folded down, some have added fringe, added belts and added bling!


What is upstyling?  I asked the same thing.

It is a great word for recycling quality boots in an interesting and current way.  So, not only do they find incredible boots to recycle and  ‘upstyle’ (all one-of-a-kind), but they could take YOUR old boot that you love… and give them that new look you want.

You know… the boots re so broken in and feel perfect, but they could use an update.

That’s what they do.  They take boots and futz with them, add stuff (recycled other things) and end up with a brand new pair!

Take a look on their site (FB here)

On this one, you can see the FRYE logo!

How fun is this?!


OK, I had never heard of this before… renting a $3000 pair of Lucchese boots?!  Yup… Canty has an entire page of rental boots!  You can rent for yourself for a special occasion – or you can rent a set of matching boot so your entire bridal party is foot glorified!

You can rent these!

Click image to go to the Canty boot rental page!

SO MUCH FUN! (no affiliation)

I hope you had as much fun as I did perusing this creative recycling boot barn!

Canty Website.  Canty FB page.

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