Artist Leslie Anne Webb, hits a home run – AGAIN!

Artist Leslie Anne Webb lived in Grass Valley when I lived in Grass Valley.  We were good friends.  She and I got together and had PROJECT RUNWAY dinner feasts. Leslie was into fashion and I was into feasting…

Leslie also trained my horses when I couldn’t – due to my Lyme.

Now I live in Paso Robles and Leslie lives in Nevada.  Sigh.

But, she still paints and she still makes people swoon with her equine commission work.

I saw this on FB yesterday and I had to share…


This painting was posted today along with the note from the horse owner below.

“As many of you know, these past two years have been hard for me. (Completely aside from Covid.) I moved back from NC, sold my house and acreage that I loved, moved to Plano for treatment purposes, had to rehome my dogs because I was too sick to take care of them and couldn’t find anywhere in the area where I could keep three dogs. Additionally during this time I lost four of my herd (Joey, GusGus, Winston) and Margaret several years earlier. Way before I got sick, I had commissioned a painting of my herd. I found an artist online (Leslie Ann Webb) that I really liked. It’s finally finished and I can’t wait to see it hanging on my wall. It’s very bittersweet. Life is fragile. Both mine and theirs. I absolutely love this painting. I look at it and it gives me strength that this time I’ll get well and stay well. Anorexia sucks and I’m tired of being sick. This painting inspires me to find that strong, independent, healthy woman who threw around hay bales, drove a tractor and mucked out stalls. I know she’s still in there somewhere and I when l get her back…….watch out world!”


So sad… but 4 of the 5 equines in this piece have passed on.  Only the bay shire, Maya, is still with her owner now.

The Photoshop mock-up below is how Leslie pieced together the 5 horses to make the painting.

This is Leslie’s note to me about how she created the perspective:

“GusGus the paint was 15hh, Joey the Belgian was 19hh, then Winston, the mammoth Jack, was 17hh, Maya at 17hh, and Margaret at 16hh”

Here are individual photos of the horses in the painting.

Margaret, the mother of Joey (both in the painting)

Gus Gus



Maya and Gus Gus




If you’d like to contact Leslie Anne Webb, here is her email address:

HAVE FUN and let me know if you do this!!  I would so love to do this with Mama Tess, Slick, Aladdin and Dodger.

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