Amazing HORSE SCULPTURE made of horse shoes! Meet Artist Ollie Holman.

I cannot help myself when I see metal sculptures.  Look at this one!

and this one…


MEET OLLIE HOLMAN!  (no affiliation)

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I love these linear sculptures!

This deer has to be recognizable from all angles. Tough job for an artist!

HOW DOES HE DO IT?!  Artist:  Ollie Holman

So I went to his website to see what more he had there, and I saw this fun video showing how – in case any of us wanted to take up welding on a huge scale!

He’s a young, very engaging, guy from the UK.

Click image to watch the video!

From his website:

Well from an early age I was drawn to 3d perspective as through my school years, I use to draw countless car designs, to the point i wonder could i do this as a career. However, once my Dad taught me how to weld, I was hooked, on making sculptures and art from his scrap pile. Initially created a naive spaceship like pieces, but with such positive encouragement from my parents, this gave me the fuel to produce and develop vast amounts of sculptures in a short time. On my Saturdays I start a new sculpture early and aim to have in finished by the time my mum finished work, so I would get those sweet words of praise, which was like nectar to my young soul.

In a bid to dazzle my parents more I had a idea to make a full-scale Rearing horse from re-used horseshoes. Madness!! at this point in the world no one had dared to achieve this kind of sculpture let alone a 14 year old. I asked for a little help to start this project from my dad, which he happily accepted, although i think he thought I was only going to make a small horse. Due to the size of the original base, being a little bit on the small size. With innocent regard to engineering issues like structures and weights, I welded horseshoes together with out a care in the world. Suddenly poof its 15 ft tall, with only the front legs to do. That’s when sadly this project and other projects where put on hold, as I pursued an acting career, so I and studied acting at York college and it wasn’t long till i realised this was not the life for me. Throughout school I enjoyed creating art, however, they never planted the seed, that I could become an artist or at least study this field in higher form. After having a mini tiny teenager mental breakdown, I finally noticed for years I’ve taken it for granted being able to make creative sculptures from scrap metal, and started to notice praise about them. That’s when Realisation hit me, “oh I’m good at this, and I enjoy it, so lets do it” .

I was then advised to go to Leeds College of Art and Design to enhance my skills and knowledge, and had the best 2 years of education ever. It was so inspirational, experimenting with many forms of art, I learned so much and they pushed and inspired me immensely. It was where I found a love for 3D Design, what inspired me was the creativity of designing a piece that performs a function while still making it aesthetically beautiful.

I enjoyed Design so much that i chose to study this field further at Loughborough University, as I enjoyed working with a brief, i felt like my skills were brilliant at coming up with innovative ideas. I found great pleasure in creating beautiful almost sculptural pieces, and that’s where I develop my design ethos I still stick to today “Design With Sculptural Form Ensues Longevity”.

I am passionate to change the the perception of design from throwaway society to beautiful quality designs that can be regard as a sculpture in their own right. Sadly the tutors, would never truly understand my work and views on design. However, more importantly the commercial world does, as I was awarded a First Prize for my Final degree show piece Called the Orbit Chair.

travels / first horse sculpture:
Once I returned from uni, I had a itch for an adventure so I wanted to go travel around South East Asia on bikes, one problem though dosh!! where can I get enough money to travel ASAP. I know, I shall finish and sell my rearing horse sculpture, aha I bet you wondering what happen to it, sadly it had tragic incident where it fell over in a storm, and broke. I now had to start from the chest upwards again. After few months it was finally complete now the hard part selling, I contacted all the racecourses i could think of in the UK, and I sold it to Cheltenham Racecourse.

I then spent 6 months travelling around South East Asia, started out riding motorbikes around Vietnam, then onward to Thailand, Malaysia , Singapore, Cambodia, Myanmar ,and Lao. It was such an amazing experience, with so many fulfilling memories, however guess what I missed most?

Creating!! I couldn’t believe how bad I missed it, I took a small Sketch book, sadly it would never suffice, making some object or sculpture in 3 Dimensional form. When i got back i realised how bad i wanted this artistic career, so I’ve been pursuing the dream ever since. As I’ve developed over these recent years building up my portfolio, I’ve noticed the love for sculpture has grown bigger than my Design work. That may also be due to the facts, I have been having more success with my sculpture work recently, and designer pieces have a lower margin.


CONTACT INFORMATION!  (no affiliation)



Mobile:  (+44) 07809123766

Made in Yorkshire

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  1. Casey Gunschel

    Check out the amazing and GIGANTIC scup lutes by a guy named Andy Scott ( Especially the one called The Kelpies. WOW!!!!

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