A very long time ago, I wrote about COIFFED HORSES… well, lookey what I saw at our local boutique hotel!! Read On!

A very long time ago, March 27, 2010 (the 2nd month of Horse and Man the blog – ever), I wrote about Coiffed horses.  You can see that story here.

Below is that story in its best form available (I think some of the photos were lost when we changed servers…).

POST FROM 3/27/2010

Have you all seen these already?  I just love them!

The photographer, Julian Wolkenstein, used their real manes and forelocks.  He had a stylist work for hours on these very patient horses.  The dreamy quality makes you think these are wigs superimposed upon a headshot of a horse.  But, they aren’t.  These are real horses and their real hair.  Fun!

















Our town, Paso Robles, CA, has a lovely boutique hotel called, Hotel Cheval.  One of the many reasons I love it is because in the very beautifully appointed bar area, they have beautiful and subtle photos/artwork of horses.

You’d have to look… but yes, all the art is of horses in some form or another.  You think you are surrounded by watercolors or oils or old photographs… but you are really surrounded by HORSE ART.  Amazing.  Love it.  I’m sure most people don’t even realize that all the art is horse related.  (PS:  Cheval means ‘horse’ in French.)

The other wonderful thing is they have a lovely happy hour… and great employees.

Anyway, Hubby and I were there last week and I saw this!  I swear to horsegods, I almost choked!  It was brand new and I totally recognized it!   And, it was HUGE!

I had to take a photo! It was huge on a huge wall! I’m standing and I’m still shorter than this photo.


Since the original post was so minimal (I was just learning how to do this!), I am adding the original photographer and his/her website now.

Julian Wolkenstein.

He is from Australia and is the kind of photographer I might have hired in my past life as a commercial producer!  I loved looking over his portfolio.

Here is one shot I hadn’t seen previously.  The name is “Lanake”.







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