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You GO, Zenyatta – again! A Nurse Foal Baby and One of Us Quits!

Everyone loved Happy Week (last week) so much that I’ve decided to bring some more smile inducing stuff to you all today…

For me, I like it when anyone does something special.  This week, I heard three “atta boy” stories.  Atta Boy stories are the best!  You know.. the underdog or the scrappy kid or the extraordinary individual.  Today I’ve grouped together just that.  A phenomenal athlete, a smartypants colt that never had a chance and a babe with a lotta chutzpah and self worth.  Atta Boy, y’all, Atta Boy!

First up, our favorite fast filly, Zenyatta.


I’m sure that many of you saw this race last week.  As usual, her races just grip the bejeezuz out of you!

Click on the image to watch the video

In this one, you’ll love watching her come up from way behind and win by a nose.  Oh My!  Amazing, again.  To refresh any of you, this filly has won all 18 of her starts.  All of them.  All – of – them!  Not only is that amazing but it is super amazing for a filly.  Also, she wasn’t started until late in her third year.  Another awesome and rare ingredient.  So, this filly, who is cleaning up, is an “older” competitor.  Ha!

Zenyatta, my girl, you GO!


OK, this video is so sweet because this sweet little thing was destined for nothingness.

Click on the image to see the Foal Video

If you do not know about nurse mare foals, here is my previous blog post about them.  To be brief, a nurse mare foal is the byproduct of creating a nurse mare for a more important foal whose valuable mother needs to leave her more important foal so that she (the valuable mare) can be re-bred.  The nurse mare’s original foal is, uh, disposed.

Now, this cute as a button baby has been trained by the wonderful people at The Last Chance Corral.  They take in as many nurse mare foals as they can handle.  Obviously, they handle them very well.  You go, LCC.  Atta boys and girls!


You just have to click here and view these…  Basically, this gal had had enough with her boss so she quit… in a very ingenious way.  It didn’t really happen yesterday, but it made me laugh thinking that it did.  If you haven’t seen it, you should take a look.  Lots of smiles here for this one!  Way to go, sista!

Click on the image to see how she quit!

I hope you enjoyed our three happy stories today!

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Zenyatta, You GO, Girl!… And, Baaa Ram Ewe, to your breed be true!


I was going to write something medical today,

Zenyatta starts bringing up the rear...

but  I was so taken by this video of Zenyatta that I had to switch gears and post this!  Obviously I am late getting to the stands because this race was run back in June.  But, if any of you missed this like I did, you NEED to watch it. Wow!

For those of you who don’t know much about racing, like me, Zenyatta stood undefeated in her first 16 starts before this race.  That is incredible!

OMG. You HAVE to watch this video...!

I’ve written about his filly before because, well, she’s a very successful racing filly for one… and because she is phenomenally talented.   Also, her owners didn’t race her until she was almost 4, which is very unusual.  Dunno but I liked the idea that she had a bit more time to reach physical and emotional maturity before she raced.  Anyway, she is somthin’!

Here is the video, please watch it.  It’s short.  Zenyatta, you GO, girl!  17 in a ROW, undefeated!  OMG!  I was bawling by the end of the race and the announcer sounded like his heart was going to explode!  Really, this race was incredible.  Wow.


I came across these photos today and wanted to share them with you since I didn’t write what I was supposed to write and this seemed truly unusual.

Photographer Mark Terrell (website) shot this ewe with a herd of wild horses in Nevada.  Terrell calls them his ‘Mutton Bunch’.  He surmises that she got loose during a fire and found her way into the herd.  And, the herd accepted her.

I wonder if she is really hot?  I also wonder if she will be OK out there since I know sheep get lots of hoof diseases.  But since I really am ignorant in sheep management, I’m going to suspend all those thoughts and just hope for the best.

After all, she has survived this long…  Maybe we should name her, “Maaaaaaaa”.

This is my favorite. The stallion and his ewe.

Anyway, here is a link to all the photos of the Sheep Herd, and I’ve posted a few here for you…


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!