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A Smattering of Updates! Zenyatta, Amazing Grace, the odd colored foal and an Equine Retreat!

Monday, January 17th, 2011 | Filed under Handy Tips

This is an odd and sods day…  Actually, I had no idea what “odds and sods” actually meant or the derivative…  But, I did look it up and here is the definition:

A motley assortment of things
odds and ends, oddments, melange, farrago, ragbag, mishmash, mingle-mangle, hodgepodge [N. Amer], hotchpotch, gallimaufry, omnium-gatherum, bits and bobs [Brit], mélange

I have several oddments, melanges, farragos, ragbags and mishmash on my desktop.  Actually, my computer desktop feels like my actual, physical desk top which is completely filled with hotchpotch, gallimaufry, omniumgatherum, and bits and bobs.   I mean, how is the top of your desk?

Well, maybe I shouldn’t ask that because maybe I’m the only one who has little piles of this and that all over my desk.  In fact, I just brought a new, larger desk home – one that I scavenged from a shoot – because I think I need a larger desk to accommodate all of my small piles.  HUBBY just walked away when I brought it home…

You see, no matter what the size of my desk, I will always fill it with small piles.  Perhaps I do this because I find so much value in so many ideas…  Maybe I’m an idea hoarder.  My little piles of paper and reminders are the makings of a new episode on A&E… The scrap paper and pile hoarder of GRASS VALLEY!

So, I decided to clear my desk of little piles.

And, in the spirit of organizing, I’m bringing small but juicy tidbits your way on today’s blog.  Or, at least I hope they are tasty tidbits.  If they aren’t then I will know that all the small little piles may only be of interest to me.  Sigh.


I found this on FB.  I don’t know the woman in the photos and she isn’t a “friend” —  yet.  I found these shot through another person who is my FB friend who cross posted these.

Evidently – and I’m not sure on this because I simple read the captions to understand what I was viewing – this lucky woman was able to stand in the presence of Zenyatta and not only that, she got ZENYATTA KISSES!  I love that!

What totally impressed me sitting here in my chair is the SIZE of that mare!  Granted, I don’t know the size of any of the people in the photo (I wish there was a standard sized prop in the photo so that we could compare – like an Ikea chair or a Stop sign or something well known like a Volkswagen Beetle…), but the mare seems quite formidable.  She is muscled and shiny and lovely, even more than I expected up close and personal.


Zenyatta just hanging out. What a pretty girl!!!

Zenyatta sniff test!

Ahhh, she passes the sniff test and receives a Zenyatta kiss! I'm so envious!


A while back, I wrote about unusual marking on horses.  (linked here)  Well, one of those horses with unusual markings was this foal.

Gorgeous baby Mystic Warrior

Luckily for me, a wise reader sent to me photos of exactly that foal, all grown up!  Evidently, the 3/4 Friesian and 1/4 Appy stallion was a demo horse at the World Equestrian Games!  He’s come a long way, I see…

A few months later...

Anyway, I don’t know anything about the demo horses or what Mystic Warrior performed, but I do wonder how he could be so polished at anything when he is just 4 years old!  Hmmmmm.  But, here are his recent photos.   You will see that he is mostly white now with black spots.  Upon doing some research about why he lost his black coloring, I found an article that says it is the result of the “grey gene”.  Here is an except from that article:

“Rapid roaning in the extreme involves a genetic problem, know as the “Greying Gene.” This comes from breeding an Appaloosa to a grey gene carrying Appaloosa. The chance’s are 50-50 that the resulting foal will will carry this fading gene. When both parent’s carry the “Greying Gene”, the chances are increased to 75% that the offspring will fade. Appaloosa’s with no grey in their immediate breeding( parents), I suggest would be the advisable choice in choseing a suitable cross. It has nothing to do with the mama you are “looking at/phenotype.” It’s what the mama bring’s to the table “inside/genotype.” Part of the fun of raising Appaloosa’s, is that the color factor is a bit of a gamble, and Mystic Warrior is still a beautiful and unusual horse, although maybe not as striking as he was as a baby.”

Mystic Warrior all grown up!

Here is more information I found out about Mystic Warrior:

Mystic Warrior was born in the late spring of 2006.  He is located in Southern Pennsylvania near the Maryland border.

His dam the famous mare, Sequoia… an absolutely gorgeous 17 hand, half-Friesian who has been featured at Expos all around the country.    Sequoia’s dam is an Appy who stands over 16 hh, and her sire is an approved FPVZ Friesian named Thor.  Sequoia is registered with the Friesian Blood Horse Registry.  Sequoia has appeared in several of Mark Barrett’s books and calendars as well, including the book “If I had a Horse” where she appears with her sire, Thor!

Sequoia was bred to the Friesian stallion “Quinn”, a baroque Dutch bred stallion imported from Holland (Quinn’s sire is Teunis 332), and then the miracle that is known as Mystic Warrior was born!!!

Mystic Warrior is going to make an astounding mount for Parades, Expos, Demos.  He will be the center of attention everywhere he goes and will make one heck of a popular breeding stallion.  He will sell quick at the first Expo that his owners take him to, so the window of opportunity to buy this colt is not going to last long.  The owners would like to see Mystic Warrior go to a good home that will keep him a stallion, so he can pass his traits and color on for generations to come!  He is absolutely loving and gentle and his personality is just like everything you have ever heard about this kind and gentle breed that is the Friesian horse.

Mystic Warrior and his future foals are eligible for registration in the:

Friesian Bloodhorse Registry
Friesian Sporthorse Registry
Friesian Cross Association
Warmblood Association

From WEG this fall (2010)


Can you believe that Amazing Grace is doing so well that they are calling her plump?!  Here is her original photo where she was the skinniest horse still alive… to now!  The second photo was taken this week as Grace bellowed for her buddies while tied to a trailer.  Unbelievable.  If you want to read Grace’s story, click here.  Grace was nursed back to help via Darla Clarke and Strawberry Mountain Mustangs!

Very skinny Grace, before...

Grace today! Fat and bellowing for her buddies who are just out of sight...

Grace from the front.


OK, this isn’t an update… But, I stumbled upon this woman who is a certified Life Coach that additionally leads retreats for women, couples or families on horseback!  Here is the website.   And, although this woman does many kinds of coaching, the coaching on horseback looks divine, of course!

Now, it isn’t ‘camping’ or anything like that.  The ranch where the retreats are held looks awesome!  It is called Southern Cross Guest Ranch . Yummy!  It is more of a spa with horses and interrelationships.  Again, I haven’t gone to any of these retreats, but the idea of getting your girlfriends together to go on a girls’ horseback/spa/feelgood retreat with good food and even better bathrooms… sound wonderful!

The photos from the retreat website look like the previous attendees had much fun!

Right now, I see they are having a couples retreat coming up.  But, I know she will do a Women’s Retreat in the future.  Or, if you got enough of your friends together…

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!