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Zenyatta Speaks! Visit her Blog and FB page…

After such a sad day of news yesterday, I wanted to bring some happy fodder for today…

First, thank you all who wrote to Laurie yesterday.  I passed each message onward and your words were tremendously helpful.

*I also wanted to make you aware of another filly, but I don’t want to make her a Bucket Fund baby because I am not sure she will survive.  (After losing two, I don’t think you all would appreciate that.)

Her name is Frankie and she was attacked by dogs.  You can read about her and help her via this link.

Click here to read about Frankie and follow her progress


I received an email from Zenyatta!

Zenyatta has lots of free time while in retirement so she has set up a website and blog!

No joke.  It came from her and it was written in her voice.  She was telling me that she was declared IN FOAL.  And, she spoke about how exciting that was for her since she had lost the first pregnancy in the early stages.

She spoke of the sire and about how good it felt to graze on green grass.  She said life was good.


I didn’t realize that Zenyatta was that good with a keyboard.  So, I decided to follow the link she had provided for her website.

OMG!  This gal is very talented!  Not only can she run, but she can assemble a robust website!

I found:



–A Kids Korner (under construction)

–Media (where you can download songs, videos, photos…)

–Fun Facts


–Subscribe to her Newsletter.

Wow!  F-U-N!


A photo from the website.


What I liked most was her blog.  You can find it under News, but I’ve linked it here for you.  She calls it her “diary”, which I find endearing.

Zenyatta’s diary isn’t ‘all about her’.  Often, she’ll talk about her horse friends and about her trainers and family.  For me, I feel like an insider because Zenny lets us know what goes on around her barn/pasture.

For example, last week she posted a little video about her friend, Makoma.  She wanted her readers to know that Makoma was doing fine.

Today’s post was very newsy about all of her charities and events that she and her friends attended.  This little gal gets around!

It is amazing, really, what one horse – helped by her trainers and owners – can do for an industry!

Zenyatta pointing out her fancy nameplate


Zenyatta also has a FB page.  I’ve linked it here.

For me, it isn’t as interesting as her blog.  She doesn’t post there as often.  It is more or less a forum for all of her fans to keep updated and to converse.

Zenny enjoying her winter retirement with some farm friends


Of course, being a business minded mare (after all, a baby is coming…), Zenyatta sells merchandise.  You can purchase T-shirts and hats.  This was my favorite item.

This one was my favorite


WOWEE!  Her website lists her race videos.

I’ve gotta say that Zenyatta’s videos always put me at the edge of my seat.  They are here under the “Race Fans” header.

The first video listed is the only sad one.  It was her last race and I still cannot believe she was bested.

She has posted all of her race videos!

ZENYATTA’S EMAIL TO ME (OK, well actually, her newsletter blog…)

I just wanted you to read how she writes.  This is the blogpost that got me hooked on her.

A casual meal...

It’s such a FUN DAY! WINK, WINK! Photo by Isabelle
Good Morning,

I hope each of you had a wonderful, restful, and peaceful holiday! This day is also a special time to remember all that MEMORIAL DAY truly represents as well.

Everything at the farm is going very, very well. I want to share with you the fabulous day I have had so far. This morning, my vets came to check me and… YES, I am eating for TWO! As of this morning, I have had what is technically called my ’60 day check-up’. I am happily IN FOAL! All is A-OK! My pregnancy is progressing nicely and the baby has a very strong heartbeat! YIPPEE!

I must say I am so excited and so are all of my Team and Family members! This is such terrific news! Bernie and I are going to be parents!

As is the Moss’ policy, we are not going be fetal-sexing to determine if the foal is a colt or filly. My owners never do this with any of their mares. Part of the fun, in their opinion, is the anticipation. We will wait and BE SURPRISED!

Now, I’m off to graze and enjoy the rest of the day! I’ll fill you in on more details as we go along! Thank you so much for all of your understanding and patience the last few months on this topic! I so appreciate your kindness and support!

This photo was taken right after she was proclaimed 'in foal'.


I hope letters from Zenyatta will lift your spirits on this Monday…


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