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Good Cheer and Inspiration heading into New Year’s Resolution Week!


As we move into the New Year, many of us make horsey resolutions. So, I thought these videos might be inspirational.

Now, I don’t know any of these trainer or horses personally… but I liked the videos!  I hope you will as well – and I hope you feel inspired!


Have you heard of him?  Evidently, he has toured in the US.  But, now he is back in his native land, continuing to train horses WITHOUT ROPES (reins), and touring his show.  His show consists of his two personal horses.  One is a warmblood and the other is an Arab he found in the USA.  Evidently, the Arab was pretty skitty when Honza got him.  Not anymore…

If you go to his website, it will be in another language.  Just click the Brittish Flag Icon on the upper right corner and it will become English.  You can poke around and learn some more about him.  I know he has a training manual but I couldn’t find it.  It was very involved…  I should have saved it when I first saw it.  Anyway, you can email him if you’d like to study under him.

Click to watch this wonderful union!


This is a video of a young woman who took an “untrainable” horse and in a very short time, trained him successfully.

To be honest,  although this video looks very straight forward and honest, I have no idea if this video is legitimate.  I don’t know the person in the video and I don’t know the horse or the circumstances.  I did email her and I asked for her website.  I haven’t heard yet but she lives in Australia and there is a time difference so she may still get back to me in time for this post or shortly thereafter.

In any event, the training techniques are simple.  I like the idea of this video and the happy ending.  So, here you go!

Click to watch this “crazy horse” gentled…


I just love videos where a horse is having a GREAT TIME playing!  This young gelding is having a hoot with his ball – or at least he is pretending he is having a great time to excite his fellow pasturemate.  I love, love, love to see equine joy!

Click to watch The simple joy of a ball!


I hadn’t.  Evidently he comes from a well known, showbiz, horsey family…

Anyway, I saw this video and wanted to pass it onward.  I don’t know his training methods so I sure hope I’m not goofing here.  But, the horse looks very calm.  In fact, the horse looks happy and kindof sillyfaced.  So, I’m taking a chance that the relaxed nature of the horse is a good indicator that he is well treated.

Click to watch the show!


OKOK, this one has NOTHING to do with horsemanship.  However, if you cannot laugh, you probably should not be around a horse.  So, this video will help to keep you laughing.

Watch this video of cats talking as they play PattyCake!

Click for the Bucket Fund!

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