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A Faboo Belt, A Silly Apple Eatin’ Horse and the best thing about Trigger Snaps.

Again, we will keep the fare light at our Horse and Man restaurant browse-thru of Equine blog.  I absolutely want this week to be a lofty and fluffy reprieve for all of you.  I know our Bucket Fund story was tough on Monday.  So, here is more fun for today.

(WE ARE ORDERING LG BRIDLES: We are ordering from Germany.  If you would like to get on the LG Bridle train, please click here and I will get your information.  Here is the original link for the LG Bridle.)


I always love to peruse links that I find in magazines.  Today, I’m going to show you a few things from THE LUCKY STAR.

The Lucky Star is an online store (based in Reno) that carries all things Western.  From furniture to jewelry, these gals sell it!   What I found interesting is that they must search through antique stores because they have several “vintage” items.  You can also find local artists’ works as well as interior design expertise.  The ladies who run this site will come to your house and have a make-over, if you’d like!


But first, let’s go to the “Spurs and Trappings” area… I was reeled in by the word “trappings”.  What does that mean?  Things you find in a trap or things you use to trap someone?  Well, I was kinda wrong on both ideas.  What they have in this category are decorative items.  Vintage saddles, horsehair headstalls and quirts and some wild and antique spurs.  My favorite from this category were these chaps.  I don’t know if they remind me of Roy Rogers or Pee Wee Herman.  But whatever, they felt good to me…


I perused the vintage area and found several rosettes.  Now, I know nothing about rosettes except what I like and don’t like.  I have no idea about value or historical values.  But, since I do know what I like, I liked these.  If I had the money, I would totally put these on my LG Bridle and doll it up a bit.  I’d be the first on my block with a genuine vintage rosette on my LG.  Wahoo!  I’m sure my horse would be much obliged to have such a “purty thang” on her bridle…


I loved this belt!  I loved the detailing and the conchas.  Yummeee.  The detail of all the different conchas all around is fun!  I liked the poker card concha the best.  ( Click here, to see the detail page.)  If I was sure it would go through my pant loops, I’d rob a bank to get it.  In the meantime, maybe one of you could buy it and look very fancy!


I know that most people don’t like trigger snaps because they break easily.  Well, the thing I like best about trigger snaps is that they break easily…

My newly broken trigger snap sitting on my truck hood.

When I make a bonehead move and forget about the reins as I’m gabbing and my horse is grazing… instead of a crisis, I get a broken trigger snap.  Much easier to deal with than a broken leg or whatever other mishap would come my way via my stoopid actions.

I keep extra trigger snaps in my trailer and in my saddle pouch.  I took this photo just last week as I demonstrated my texting while grazing technique…  ;)


This happened just today.  I let Gwen out to eat some green grass.  Yup, that’s fine for about an hour.  Then she wants a few apples.  Sometimes I feel like going outside and picking some for her.  And sometimes I don’t.  The problem is that she comes to the windows all around the house in order to find me…  This is not good.  Usually, I shoo her away.  But sometimes I go out and pick apples.  Hence my fabulous training methods in full force.  I’ve now trained her to attempt to get me to go pick apples for her.  Sigh.

Wait, did you just run to the other side, Ma?

Ma, are you in there?

Ah ha! I see you! Puleeeze get me an apple!!

Aw C'mon. I love you...

The funny part about today was that she decided she could do it herself.  Here is Gwen reaching as high as she could to find the apples via scent.  You see, the apples are exactly the same color as the leaves of the tree.  So, the horses cannot discern the apples from the leaves on the tree.  They just have to stick their noses  up there and hunt and snuffle around.  Gwen is the only horse that does this although I saw Violet Beauregard watching her.  Ugh.  I try not to teach VB anything or else she’ll latch on and make it her next passion.  Luckily, VB is too short to do much damage.

Anyway , here is Gwen snuffling for apples…  She doesn’t need me.

There, I can reach it myself!

SCORE! Apple slobber drool everywhere...

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!