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Totally Hysterical Dog Video and My Kinda Belt Buckles!

OH MY GOSH!  I spit up my coffee when I saw this video.  You have to look at this.  It is called, “Not a Morning Dog”.  OMG.  The owner is trying to get his sleeping dog to “go outside” in the wee hours…

Click here or on the photo to watch the video.


Well, a while ago I told you about Sweetbird Studio because they make bridle/saddle charms that can be personalized.  I have one for Finn and I just love it!  Here is a pic of the charm.  You can order one here.

Anyway, while flipping through Cowboys and Indians Magazine today, I saw this photo of belts.  Of course my eyes screeched to a HALT as I scanned the print to see who made these.  And, of course it was Sweetbird Studio!  Actually, it says Anderson and Allison… So, there are two artists involved here (other website to be reviewed later).  But the buckle images were on the Sweetbird Studio site.  I went there.

This was the ad in Cowboys and Indians Magazine

Yowsa!!  There were so many one-of-a-kind belt buckles, I almost had to go breathe into a brown bag.  I was hit with the vapors as I feasted my eyes upon the plethora of wonderful, waistband decor!  Ooooohhh, lala!  Ladies, I suggest you peruse the site to find your favorites!  I will list several here.  I tried to pick a rounded selection but obviously, I picked what I liked.  So, please go check out the buckles and …  if you don’t see what you like, she can probably whip somethin’ faboo up for you!

OK, I don’t know where to begin so I’ll just start.  Enjoy!

As Tony the Tiger would say, “Have a GRRRRRReat Sunday!”

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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!