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They Make it look So Easy: Stunt Horse Rider, Tad Griffith, Rehearses for a Show…

For my TV series, HORSE AND MAN, I interviewed a plethora of incredibly interesting horse people…  (Yes, I totally miss that.)

Anyway, one of those incredibly interesting persons was the legendary trick rider and stunt horse trainer, Tad Griffith.

Do you remember Tad Griffith?  I’ve written about him a few times… I wrote about when I interviewed Tad and he spoke about Sonja Fitzpatrick, the pet psychic, who visited his ranch for her TV show (linked here).  He was not a believer but she really wowed him…

Another piece of that interview followed Tad during his Roman Riding Exhibition from the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse which you can see here.  I loved that one especially because he was riding his matched pair of black mares (he looooved those mares) who were both over 30 at the time of that video!

Tad warming up


Uh huh.


OK, well, today, I would like to show you ‘behind the scenes footage‘ that we took while Tad and his partner were rehearsing for their next trick riding show (click here).

This rehersal/practice so much fun to watch!  Not only was the partnership and unspoken communication amazing to watch, but the sheer strength of the trick riders – OMG!  To be right there in the enormous arena, watching them work – really work – on their craft, was stunning!

You can hear my friend and cameraman, Donald, laughing after every trick – he was just giddy with the excitement of it all!

But, the most impressive for me was the amount of training and work that goes into what they make look so easy…


Ta - Daaa!


As you look at Tad rehersal trick riding, take note of the special saddles. They are totally flexible except for the horn.  Also, they have foot handles and special straps and holds, so don’t try this at home…  You’ll also see that Tad makes sure the reins will never get caught up on the horse.  Very important.

Have fun watching them do things that we all wish we could do!  It was great fun and please excuse the awful editing… I did this myself and it shows!

(Direct link to Tad’s Trick Riding Training Video here)


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HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth... if you like this, please pass it around!